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Anime Dating Sites

Anime Dating Sites

Due to the current covid-19 situation, anime dating has become very popular among single people. Unlike the past years, dating has become easy. You can get an online partner, date him/her, and get married from home.

The best thing about this site is getting a gay/lesbian or a straight partner. Thus, do not allow lock-downs to stop your love life. Get online and have a merge with a person who will love and understand you. Let's get started on the top dating sites that will make your life enjoyable.

Best Anime Dating Sites


eHarmony is a dating site based in the United States. The site gives a one-month trial for its new members. This site has over 10 million active users and 750,000 paid subscriptions. eHarmony does not provide access to anyone under the age of 60 who has married more than four times.

As a dating site, it aims at giving you a long-lasting relationship. Thus, it narrows the number of people you match as low as possible. On the site, the male gender tends to be more active than the female.

In the beginning, the site believed that sex with the same gender was illegal in many countries. Thus, they never wanted to practice any unlawful business. Due to the many complaints, the site now gives access to both gay and straight relationships.

Although this site tends to accept more straight relationships, the site has come up with Compatible partners, a site specializing in gay relationships. As a sister site to eHarmony, Compatible Partners is one of the largest platforms attracting high-quality clients.

If you want a serious long-term relationship, eHarmony is the site to consider.

Elite Singles

The elite single is an anime dating site that offers both free and paid dating services subscriptions. The site aims at connecting mature single people who want a serious relationship. This site provides connections for races, any age above 18, all religions, and accept people from different counties.

The elite single is a structured website and does not entertain dormant members. The site ensures their members online dating with potential spouses. Joining the site, you will enjoy any dating services such as

  • Single parent dating.
  • Gay dating.
  • Straight people dating
  • Christian dating.
  • Asian dating.

With over 2000 paired couples, the site has over 13 million members worldwide. Elite single uses the five-factor model to pair teams depending on personalities. After getting your march, the site allows you to access the other partner's profiles. The site is a big site, also available in many counties.


MaiOtaku is a dating site that started back in 2009. The sites have a high percentage of geek people. Besides, the site offers paid subscription where you will enjoy all the features. Many people have testified of getting long term spouses on the site.

MaiOtaku is one of the most growing anime lover's sites. Back in 2019, the site had over 20 thousand users, which has continued growing to date. Join the site and get different sex preferences from straight, gay, and lesbians.

The site has improved most of its features by advancing social networking technology. This feature is making it easier to meet new friends. On this site, you can access a unique feature that allows you to filter the number of people you wish to date. Thus, it easy to get people with similar interests.

Unlike other sites, the site allows you to add as many photos as possible and attract other people to your profile. Besides, the site has a perfect communication feature that makes it easy to get a date.

Besides getting a date, this site can help you search for anime databases such as romance, history, horror, mature, and many more.

4. Kosu


Kosu is a new website that anime lovers have much accepted. The site is unique, and not only does it offer dating services but also focuses on other geeks related interest. Joining the site, you will be able to enjoy other features such as Cosplaying and Videogames.

Kosu tries to bring something different in the anime dating field. The site has gained enormous popularity such that it gained over 20 thousand people few days after launching.

One unique feature to find on this site is the ability to customized avatars. This site keeps you updated on the anime site by allowing you to engage in group discussions.

Anime Dating Site

Regardless of what you want, a straight, lesbian or gay Anime dating site is the site to get. The site has a chatroom that allows you to learn more about another member. On this site, you can meet and fall in love with an otaku.

Other than getting your match, the site has extra features such as video games, cosplay, comic con manga, and anime. The site allows premium subscribers to assess all the features. Subscribing to the anime site gives you a membership to other sites.

With a basic membership, you will set your profile, view other members' profiles, send flirts, and browse.

The anime dating site is a site to join and get a partner around you for any relationship.


Mazily is an award-winning dating site in Sweden. As a member, you will get a match according to your update on status, mutual interest, and tag search. The site has been in existence for the past four years.

Mazily has a website and an app. The app is available for free on the google play store. The site is best for young people who have talent in music, fashion, art, or any other skill and would like to date a person with a similar interest.

Besides dating, the site educates people on Sweden culture, such as Malmo, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. To understand all the details, it will be best if you have Sweden knowledge.


Tinder is the most popular dating site around the globe. Using this platform, you can view other people's profiles like or dislike their profiles. Assess the site through their website or tinder app, available on the play store for free.

The best part about this site is that you choose the person you want to date. The other person also has the right to say if he/she likes you back. When adding your profile, tinder only allows few pictures, mutual friends from Facebook, and shared interests.

Tinder has a feature that can scan any location regardless of the distance. All you need to register on tinder is a Facebook account. Besides, tinder uses information and pictures from Facebook to create your profile.

Since 2014 tinder has registered over 1bilion swipes per year. The site operates on a freemium basis, with most users been between 18-30 years. Most of its users testify to have easy communication on the site. Some even end up meeting their dates and even having a relationship.

OK Cupid

As a fast-growing site, OK Cupid offers short, long, or fast hookup relationships. Unlike other sites, the site is straightforward to navigate. When creating your profile, the site allows you to add information about yourself.

Due to its popularity, the site has over 30 million users and records over 3 million swipes each day. With these vast numbers, the site has different types of people with any relationship from straight, gay, and lesbians.

You can access the site via their app or the website, whereby it has a freemium membership. Most users of OK Cupid are the younger age.

Even if the site is free, there is a paid membership. As a premium member, the site allows you to have:

  • Unlimited likes.
  • Advance filters.
  • You can have a profile boost.
  • Hide when browsing, and avoid ads.

Badoo is a popular dating site. The site is easy to register, but you will have to verify your profile by mimicking a photo they will provide. Their site is easy to navigate.

Unlike other dating sites, Badoo has very nice features. Some of the features include:

  • Besides adding a photo, Badoo allows you to add a video making it outstand from other sites.
  • It also has a feature that allows you to gauge your popularity on the site.
  • The site allows you to connect with friends from other social media.
  • It is easy to sign up and navigate on the site.
  • As you sign up, you have to state your intention. Hence, you can know the other person's intentions before hooking up.
  • They protect their users from cons and robots by asking for a verification photo.
  • They have an invisible feature, which allows you to access someone's profile without their knowledge.

The site is a large website with almost 500 million users. The site is available in over 200 counties, and it offers more than 40 languages.

In Conclusion

With the above sites, nothing can stop you from getting love. Regardless if you are gay, lesbian, transgender, or straight the above site has something for you. The sites have millions of followers. So, there is an excellent possibility of getting somebody you will like.

The sites, as mentioned earlier, have both premium and free membership. But it is best to have a premium membership to access all the features. Some dating sites offer more than dating services, join them and enjoy safe and fun online dating.

Best Rocker Dating Sites

Best Rocker Dating Sites

Rock n' roll dedication means finding a partner that respects your love for all things rock. The rockers that show their love for music through their dedication and their clothing are out there waiting for you. The great news is that there are many dating apps and websites perfect for rockers.

Sure, you can date someone that's totally opposite of you and doesn't understand your love of rock. It's even more fun to date another rocker that accepts your love of music. It's tough to find someone that loves rock as much as you sometimes, so we've set up a list of the top ten rocker dating web sites.

Best Rocker Dating Sites


Harmony has a good set-up with over 66 million users. It's easy and fun to use. You may wonder how you can use eHarmony to find other rockers. Don't worry, there are millions of people that love rock on the site. It's one of the most popular dating websites in the world, so you have a little bit of everyone.

You answer an extensive questionnaire so the site can match you with the type of person you prefer. Basically, you can be matched with people that love your lifestyle as much as you. If you put a large emphasis on your love of rock and interest in an alternative lifestyle, you won't be matched with someone that hates music and loves to knit. It's free, but you need to pay for certain features.

Elite Singles

EliteSingles is another site that isn't a niche rocker site, but it's so popular that it shouldn't limit your search. With over two million visitors each month, Elite Singles has millions of users that love to rock out. The site boasts that over 85% of members hold an above average education. That could be what makes them elite rockers!

Each user completes a 200-question survey meaning it's easier than ever to find someone that loves rock-n-roll as much as you. The site does all of the work to search through the users to find the people that best fit your needs. EliteSingles allows unlimited chats with your matches. You can opt for the free account even. You're sent numerous rocking matches each day.

Goth Scene

Goth Scene is specifically for rockers that are immersed in the love of all things goth like goth music and goth culture. Many of the users love punk rock and techno music as much as goth music.

You won't find too many people in preppy attire that love oldies music. This is for hardcore rockers that enjoy the punk lifestyle. It's easy to browse other users and message them. Goth Scene allows you to set a specific profile so you're only messaged by people that would interest you. Marketed as the "#1 alternative dating community on the web," Goth Scene is for those that want to find love on the dark side.

Alt Scene

Alt Scene is all about stepping outside generalized dating apps and websites. If you consider yourself alternative, Alt Scene is the best place for you. This site is for those that love emo rock and punk rock. Their site markets especially to those that want goth dating, punk dating, and emo dating.

It's totally free, so you can browse and message without worry. You can find people that share the same love of rock as you, no matter what kind. Alternative can mean so many different things in the world of dating, so find out who is out there waiting for you. It's incredibly easy to sign up, too. All you need to do is fill out some information, upload a picture, and talk about your favorite music. You didn't waste any time getting on the journey to finding your rocker partner.

Metal Dating

Metal dating isn't just for people that love heavy metal music. Rockers love music, period. Think about Led Zeppelin. He was once considered heavy meal and is now considered rock. Metal Dating helps you find people that love rocking out with common music.

Metal Dating is a large website offering many different types of users. There is a large international community so you can match with people all over the globe. It's a simple, easy dating website. There aren't any bells and whistles. It's all about rocking out and finding love. Whether you're a metalhead or a punk rocker, you can find your music match on this site.

Punk Dating Site

Punk Dating Site markets itself as the place to "date a punk today." If you love music and know all sorts of rocker trivia, you can find your match here. Even if you just want to find someone in the punk lifestyle, this is your place. Punk Dating Site focuses on the harder forms of rock and punk.

You can find someone that truly understands your deep love of rock n' roll. It's free to browse different profiles, send flirts and work on your own profile. If you want an extended version, it's an affordable service that allows you to connect with others just like you. You can also connect to other sites in its online network for a small fee.

Emo Friends

If you're more into emo rock than indie rock, Emo Friends is the home of your perfect match. This site is about adventure and a little bit of naughty. It caters to those that love a kinky lifestyle mixed with some rock. You can even indicate your BDSM role on your profile. Members are interested in a variety of kinks including foot worship, rope play, chastity, pegging, and more.

Emo Friends began a decade ago as a site for the emo and goth community, and it grew to be so much more. Rockers can find others that enjoy the same lifestyle as them. They can also match sexual preferences and certain fetishes. Show off your wild, unique side when you join this dating site.

#8. Match


Match is a broad website where you can find almost any type of partner imaginable. It isn't a dating site especially for rockers, but its popularity makes for certain you can find millions of rockers. Match has a large presence in pop culture, so they're one of the most popular dating sites out there. You'll find people that love all sorts of different rock music and live all sorts of different lifestyles. It's easy to find someone just like you.

You should be able to find a rocker that meets your every need on Match. Because of Match's popularity, it doesn't need to be niche website where you only meet rockers. You can register for a free trial to ensure this is the best dating website for you. The mobile app is easy to use, too. Millions of rockers have already found their match on this popular site, so what are you waiting for?


EmoWire goes above and beyond your normal dating website. Besides sending messages, you can also share videos, blogs, and photo galleries. You can even get on the forums. EmoWire is for all kinds of rockers that want to dive in headfirst.

EmoWire is free and fun. It's got a social media base where you can see live wall posts. Whether you're emo or just love rock, EmoWire is the perfect place to meet your significant other. You can even browse the blogs before you choose to message someone. This is a broad dating website that takes the pressure off of you to flirt all of the time. You can use it as a social media base then move into the dating part of it.

Goth Passions

If you're a rocker who is into the goth scene, Goth Passions is the perfect site for you. It's part of the free Passions Network, where you choose your niche passions and go into separate chat scenes for them. Whether you're looking for new friends or a rocker partner, you can find them on Goth Passions.

Many users on this site are not only rockers, but are into goth literature, raves, and the occult. The landing page is full of gothic images, so you might get a little scared if you aren't into the alternative dating scene. The best thing is that clubbing and rocking out are just a given on this site. Your profile is shown on the Passions Network sites, so you cover all of your bases. You can also easily register for any other Passions Network site while on Goth Passions.

In Conclusion

Dating websites and apps are some of the best places to meet your significant other. Sharing your hobbies and life with someone just makes it even better. By finding a partner that loves rock, you're unleashing a new level of adventures.

It's often tough to find the perfect match, but this list will help the rocker in your find its electric guitar match. Have fun as you use these sites specifically for online dating other rockers.

How To Build Emotional Intimacy With A Man

How To Build Emotional Intimacy With A Man

Emotional intimacy is a level of closeness in a relationship that encourages sharing personal feelings, demonstrating understanding and encouraging caring. This is a vital part of a long-lasting relationship because it encourages more than just physical closeness relies on openness and honesty with your partner. Finding these feelings can be challenging in any relationship, but sometimes in our relationship with men, it can seem almost impossible to build this level of trust.

The most important factor with building emotional intimacy is trust. It is easier to share your personal feelings with someone that you trust. So, many of these tips will be ways to build trust and therefore build emotional intimacy. Really trusting your partner can open so many doors in a relationship. It can help promote comfort, peace and settle fights before they even happen. Here are some ways to promote emotional intimacy and trust in your relationship:

Ways to Promote Emotional Intimacy and Trust in Your Relationship

Don’t Be Afraid to Disagree

Don’t Be Afraid to Disagree

Any relationship is going to involve disagreements. It might seem easier to not bring up politics or religion because you don’t want to create a disagreement, but how else are you going to truly emotionally connect with your partner without knowing their personal beliefs? Maybe you see something while watching television with your partner, use this as an opportunity to figure out where they stand. We all have our opinions on politics, but always make sure you hear what your partner is saying even if they say something that you don’t agree with.

Once you hear what your partner has to say, don’t be afraid to tell them if you disagree. Mind how you are speaking to your partner during these conversations because you don’t want to talk down to them because this can make them defensive. Give your honest opinion and remember that just because you two may disagree on a subject does not mean that your relationship has to end. The best relationships are built on trusting that you can disagree with your partner without fighting or ending the relationship.

Emotional intimacy is about more than just always agreeing with your partner. Disagreeing with your partner shows that you trust them with your honest opinion and lets them know where you stand on important topics. So, while you shouldn’t be afraid to disagree, remember to always speak respectfully to your partner and don’t be dismissive of their opinions and feelings.

Acts of Love

Acts of Love

Emotional intimacy can become a lot stronger when you show your partner in different ways how much you care for them. Acts of love are a popular way of doing this. This can be as simple as holding their hand in public or buying them a thoughtful gift. Let your partner know that you’re thinking about him and listening when he shares a struggle with you. For example, if he complains about his inability to stay organized, consider buying him a planner. Or if he shares how much he loves a specific brand of alcohol, consider buying it for him. These small acts will not only show that you listen to him, but that you care enough to be thinking about things he said afterward.

Acts of love can really make your partner feel safe in your relationship. By showing him that you’re listening and that you care about his needs, you can promote trust, show acceptance and exemplify selflessness. In those moments, random gift giving can show that you are willing to give him something without the need to have something in return. It also flips the stereotype of men always needing to be the one giving gifts and buying things. You can show him that you want an even relationship and not something stereotypical.

Giving him a gift can also deepen your emotional connection by showing how much you actually know about him. He’ll understand that you listen when he talks, remember important aspects of his life and are willing to spend time and money to make him happy.

Even simpler than gift giving is being willing to show public affection. Reaching for his hand in the middle of a crowded store will help build an emotional connection. This simple act can show him that you are proud to be with him, that you trust him and that you’re okay with other people knowing about your relationship.

Shared Experiences

Shared Experiences

Doing things together can help build emotional intimacy in any relationship. But trying something new with him can really foster a deeper emotional connection. For example, if you both try an escape room together, he will think of you whenever he sees one. If he is willing to try new things with you, then that shows a level of trust that he already has developed. So, add on to that trust by following through with these experiences, and it will bring you closer and make sure you have something to talk about for a while.

Shared experiences also go beyond trying something new. Plan trips with both of your families and friends. Sharing experiences with people that he is close to will foster deep emotional connections. Spending time with his family shows that you can fit in with them and will make him feel more comfortable around you. This will promote more trust and open communication.

Be Supportive

Be Supportive

Life can be exhausting at times. Being able to unwind after a long day is something that we all tend to truly appreciate and look forward to. Sometimes you want to talk about how insane your day was, and other days you may just want to sit in silence for a little while and recover. But if you notice that your partner wants to talk about his day, make sure you take the time to listen. Creating an atmosphere of open conversation and being able to openly rant can foster emotional intimacy. Telling him that you don’t want to hear it or that you’re too busy to listen does not do anything to foster that connection.

Make sure during these times that you are hearing him out and creating a safe environment for him to share those struggles with you. This means not telling other people about those struggles and not confronting issues for him. For example, if he tells you about a fight that he had with his mom, don’t call her and try to resolve it. Just listen to him and allow him to fix it himself. Knowing that he can trust you with information will make him more likely to tell you things in the future. So never share that information or try to fix an issue for him. Just be a safe place for him to go with issues and offer advice when requested. This will make him feel loved and cared for and make him more likely to come to you in the future.

Try not to meet him with anger or hostility when he is sharing something with you. Always be willing to patiently listen, and don’t try to interrupt him with your own story. Think about how it would feel for your story to be interrupted and try not to do that to him. Interrupting and being hostile can make it seem like you aren’t listening and make him regret trying to share with you. Meet him halfway and wait until he is done before sharing your own experience.

Remember to also share your experiences with him. If you are noticing that he isn’t very open about his struggles, then it may help to voice some of your struggles. This may make him more likely to share his own stories.

Be Vulnerable

Be Vulnerable

This can be the most difficult part of building emotional intimacy, but it is also the most important part. Part of fostering trust is sharing your fears and doubts. Being this vulnerable with someone isn’t always easy, especially for those of us who have been hurt before.

Now, it is important to understand that he may not be ready to be vulnerable as quickly as you. While this is understandable, it is important to make sure that you are not the only person in the relationship sharing deeply vulnerable information. Relationships can easily become one-sided. So, it is important to make these vulnerable moments into conversations. Share something about yourself and then ask something about him also.

If you are too guarded with your partner, then your relationship will be driven further apart. This goes for both of you. If he is too guarded, then the same thing will happen. Don’t expect him to be vulnerable immediately, but make sure you do have expectations of open and vulnerable communication at some point in the early stages of a relationship.

Being vulnerable will also help your partner understand your insecurities. Knowing each other’s insecurities will truly help develop trust and intimacy. Also, being able to trust that your partner is not going to use those insecurities against you is an important feeling. So make sure that you don’t use that information when arguments arise.

Compliment Each Other

Compliment Each Other

Sharing compliments with each other is common in the beginning of a relationship but is something that can begin to fall off as your get more comfortable together. Make sure this doesn’t happen. Although he might know how handsome you think he is, don’t be afraid to remind him. These affirmations can help your partner feel safe and secure with you.

Also understand that the best compliments cover more than just physical appearance. If he gets you flowers, then you should take the time to compliment his thoughtfulness and generosity. This doesn’t have to be immediately as the action is happening either. Bringing up this act later can show that his actions have a long-term positive effect on you, and it can make him understand that you see his efforts and appreciate them.

Compliment him about his life apart from you too. If you hear him giving a virtual presentation for work, then there is nothing wrong with complimenting him about it later. Or if he is telling you about his day at work, then don’t be afraid to tell him how responsible the choice that he made was. These simple compliments can show that you understand his motivations and let him know that you are on his side.

Self-Care and Self-Love

Self-Care and Self-Love

A big part of promoting emotional intimacy is taking care of yourself too. Make sure that while you are working on this relationship, you are still taking time for yourself. Those hobbies that you love should not go away just because you are in a relationship. Sure, life gets busy and we don’t always have the time to devote to those fun things we like to do but taking care of yourself makes you more emotionally available for him.

If you really want to foster a deeper emotional connection, make sure you are emotionally available and satisfied. Take the time to take that long bath or listen to that podcast that you love so much because if you are more at peace then you will have more energy that you can put toward maintaining your relationship.

You can’t be emotionally intimate with your partner if you are not emotionally honest with yourself. So, make sure that you are ready for that level of trust and commitment with another person before getting in a relationship. You can’t be honest with your partner, if you can’t be honest with yourself first.


In conclusion, all of these things can help facilitate a healthy amount of emotional intimacy but understand that this is not something that can be done one-way. If he is not willing to be emotionally available and vulnerable with you, then you may not be with the right partner. Always make sure there is equal effort on both sides, and if there isn’t make sure it is addressed. Sometimes we give vulnerability and trust to those who don’t deserve it. So, take that leap of faith, but make sure that it is mutual and healthy.


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