types of male sex toys

Types of Male Sex Toys You Should Know and Try

Thanks to all the different types of male sex toys out there, you can easily enjoy a highly enhanced masturbation session or improve your intercourse with your partner whenever you feel like it. But, in order to achieve this, you must know which type of male sex toy is perfect for you.

With this in mind, we’ve created the ultimate guide for all the different types of male sex toys that are definitely worth trying.

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    Masturbators are some of the most diverse and enjoyable types of male sex toys out there. They help deliver enhanced feelings of stimulation and offer plenty of unique experiences as well.


    Fleshlights are currently the most popular male sex toys in the world. They offer highly pleasurable and even realistic stimulation thanks to a unique material called SuperSkin.

    The exterior of these sex toys is shaped like a regular flashlight. The interior, on the other hand, features all sorts of different textures that deliver unique experiences. Additionally, you can get different openings as well, including an artificial vagina, anus, and even an oral opening.

    One more thing you definitely need to know about Fleshlights is that some of them are modeled by famous pornstars such as Riley Reid, Luna Star, Abella Danger, and countless others.

    fleshlight stu on sand
    Best for:
    • Easy to use
    • Very high quality and last a long time
    • Straightforward cleaning process
    • Lots of different shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from
    Not so good for:
    • The bigger ones might not be the easiest sex toy to transport or hide


    Onaholes are high-quality Japanese masturbation sleeves that come with some of the most unique and highly pleasurable interior textures on the market. Very realistic textures are what sets onaholes apart from other masturbators.

    They are also excellent options for anime fans, as they have an extensive line of sleeves that are modeled from anime girls or JAV actresses.

    onahole mori man
    Best for:
    • High-quality materials
    • Lots of satisfying textures
    • Themed designs
    • Easy to use / great for beginners
    Not so good for:
    • Not the easiest sex toys to clean

    Automatic Masturbators

    They may be similar to the types of male sex toys we just talked about, but automatic masturbators do the hard work for you. This allows you to just insert your penis, sit back, and relax.

    There are a few types of automatic masturbators. Some are all-in-one automatic toys, while others allow you to turn standard masturbators from Fleshlight or Kiiroo into automatic ones.

    Overall, the main difference is the stroking part. If you don’t like stroking back and forth all the time, this is a great way to take the work out of it and just be left with the fun.

    automatic masturbator kiiroo keon
    Best for:
    • Provide a hands-free experience
    • The majority have removable sleeves for easy cleaning
    • Textured interiors allow room for experimentation
    Not so good for:
    • Most are expensive
    • Often bulky
    • The majority are not waterproof

    Masturbation Eggs

    If you want to turn a boring old hand-job into an out-of-this-world experience, then masturbation eggs are the easiest way to do this. Okay, they probably won’t make your eyes pop out, but many of them definitely enhance this experience.

    If nothing else, their unique interior textures and extreme ease of use will allow you to enjoy a highly unique experience. Plus, masturbation eggs are usually quite affordable, so they are at least worth a try.

    Masturbation eggs aren’t electric. You just put it on your penis, grab hold, and start rowing. Ideally, you can choose the type of texture you want to get. You can get realistic BJ mimics, strange shapes, and much more.

    tenga masturbation eggs
    Best for:
    • Very easy to use
    • Super affordable
    • Can create different and unique experiences
    • No need to clean them
    • Perfect opportunity for even better partner play
    • Safe for use under the shower or in the bath
    Not so good for:
    • They are created for one-time use
    • Some tear quite easily

    Masturbation Sleeves

    There are a plethora of various other masturbation sleeves made by different manufactures. In their nature, sleeves are similar to onaholes or eggs but the design is more conventional so to say. Plus, they are often open-ended.

    The best part about this is that you can buy them with tons of different textures, patterns and designs, all with the main goal of helping you achieve the most satisfying orgasm ever.

    masturbation sleeves
    Best for:
    • Most of them can be folded inside out for super easy cleaning
    • You have plenty of variety to play around with
    • Perfect for beginners
    • Relatively affordable
    • Lots of control
    • The majority are fully waterproof
    • Easily fit most users
    Not so good for:
    • They are not electric, so you have to do all the work
    • Some of them get dirty easily and don’t last long

    Penis Vibrators

    Not to get confused with the previous type, penis vibrators, in general, also come in various shapes and sizes. They can include removable sleeves, but they can also look completely different.

    Even though you can stroke some of them, the majority stimulate a penis only with a vibration. That’s why we decided to place them in a separate category.

    penis vibrators
    Best for:
    • Great for foreplay
    • Many provide a hands-free experience
    • Usually offer a wide range of intensities to serve every type of user perfectly
    • Great for both beginners and more experienced users
    Not so good for:
    • Most of them aren’t adjustable and don’t fit just about everyone
    • Can get expensive
    • Many of them are just not enough for a majority of men to climax

    Cock Rings

    This type of male sex toy can be divided into two categories: vibrating and non-vibrating cock rings.

    Vibrating Rings

    Ring vibrators are highly versatile sex toys that can stimulate both the male and the female partner at the same time. You can also use the toy during solo play to enhance your masturbation session.

    Vibrating penis rings are easy to use, easy to clean and usually are adjustable enough to fit the majority of men. On the downside, they often lack the power and don’t provide decent stimulation for a female partner during intercourse.

    vibrating rings
    Best for:
    • Good for partner play
    • It’s great for beginners
    • Helps to maintain longer and harder erections
    • Helps with the ED
    Not so good for:
    • Users with extremely girthy penises may find it uncomfortable
    • Often not powerful enough for power-hungry users

    Non-Vibrating Cock Rings

    The main difference between the vibrating and non-vibrating rings are, obviously, the vibrations and the fact that non-vibrating cock rings won’t stimulate your partner.

    Fortunately, they still offer the benefits of maintaining a harder and longer erection during intercourse.

    cock rings
    Best for:
    • Still helps you maintain stronger erections
    • Helps with erectile dysfunction
    • Often more adjustable than vibrating ones
    Not so good for:
    • Doesn’t feel as good for the partner

    Prostate Massagers

    Like cock rings, prostate massagers also come in vibrating and non-vibrating forms. Prostate stimulation is definitely one of the most satisfying types of stimulation for men, but not everyone is ready to give it a try.

    Vibrating Prostate Massager

    Vibrating prostate massagers are types of male sex toys designed specifically to stimulate the prostate. This type of vibrator offers a feeling so satisfying that many might go as far as to say it can change their lives.

    There are many different vibrating prostate massagers. Some will even feature a rotating head to perfectly hit the P spot and help you achieve a toe-curling orgasm. Overall, anyone with a prostate should definitely experience the out-of-this-world feeling of prostate stimulation.

    vibrating prostate massagers
    Best for:
    • Open a new kind of an orgasm for men
    • Perfect for solo stimulation
    • Excellent for both sensitive and less sensitive users
    • Ideal for users who are already comfortable with anal sex toys
    Not so good for:
    • Not ideal for complete beginners with sex toys
    • Requires time and experience to get used to it

    Non-Vibrating Prostate Massagers

    By most part, these prostate massagers are very similar to the vibrating ones. The main difference is the vibrating part and the rotating heads in some cases.

    There aren’t too many non-vibrating prostate massagers but the most notable manufacturer to keep in mind is Aneros. Aneros managed to make non-vibrating prostate massagers that are hands-free.

    non vibrating prostate massagers
    Best for:
    • More long-lasting than vibrating prostate massagers
    • Easy to use and clean
    • Usually better for complete beginners to prostate stimulation
    Not so good for:
    • It may be harder to achieve an orgasm than with a vibrating toy

    Sex Dolls

    This is probably the most realistic type of male sex toy you can get. It is designed to mimic a real person, both on the inside and outside. Also, the size and shape of it can vary, allowing you to enjoy a personalized experience.

    Full-Size Silicone and TPE Sex Dolls

    These are highly realistic and among the most satisfying types of sex dolls you can get. They include the full body with facial details and everything.

    Full-body sex dolls are very comfortable, smooth, and realistic. The best part is that you can choose from so many different ones in terms of body size, color, ethnicity, individual body part characteristics, and much more.

    full sized sex dolls
    Best for:
    • Pretty realistic
    • Most of them are waterproof
    • Easy to maintain
    • Very customizable
    Not so good for:
    • Not at all discreet
    • Difficult to transport and store
    • Expensive


    Torso sex dolls are very similar to full-body sex dolls with only one main difference – they don’t include the full limbs, only the torso. Some sex dolls of this type will also include the head as well.

    If that doesn’t present a problem for you, these are actually easier to maintain, use, clean, and even transport.

    The main types of materials for torso sex dolls include TPE and silicone.

    Best for:
    • Easier to store
    • Waterproof
    • Easy to clean
    • Very realistic body-parts
    Not so good for:
    • Not discreet
    • Can be expensive

    Inflatable Sex Dolls

    Inflatable sex dolls are simple and easy to use. It may take you a while to blow them up without a compressor, but other than that it’s all fun and joy from there.

    Even though they are inflatable and made from soft plastic or PVC, they are still designed to feel good. What’s even better is that these are the only sex dolls that are easy to transport and store.

    Best for:
    • Very portable and discreet
    • Most are splashproof
    • Some models vibrate to enhance the experience
    • More affordable compared to silicone sex dolls
    Not so good for:
    • Not as realistic as silicone sex dolls

    Robot Sex Dolls

    Robot sex dolls are the pinnacle of the male sex toy industry. They are types of sex toys that can bring the most realistic and satisfying experience. Sometimes, it can even be better than the real thing.

    They might not be highly sophisticated robots that can do your taxes, but they include all the features necessary to offer the most comfortable and satisfying sexual experience ever.

    This type of sex doll can recognize your voice, adjust its body temperature, moan, offer verbal responses, and much more.

    Best for:
    • Extremely life-like
    • Customizable
    • Highly satisfying
    Not so good for:
    • Really expensive
    • Opposite of discreet

    Penis Pumps

    Penis pumps help you obtain harder, stronger, and more long-lasting erections. Some penis pumps even help you achieve permanent penis growth by using them regularly for several months.

    If you want… no, need a bigger penis, then penis pumps are exactly what you should use. Also, different-sized penises require different-sized penis pumps. You will know which size you need by reading the instructions on the penis pump of your choice.

    There are three types of penis pumps you can get – air vacuum pumps, water pumps, and automatic ones.

    Air Penis Pumps

    The most common type of penis pump you’ll come across is the air vacuum one. They are simpler, cheaper, and fairly easy to use.

    This type of penis pump uses air to create a vacuum and improve the blood flow to your penis. You just need to keep in mind that air pumps aren’t the most comfortable of the three options here.

    air penis pumps
    Best for:
    • Easy to use
    • Most affordable option of the three
    Not so good for:
    • Requires discipline and consistency to see results
    • It’s not very comfortable

    Water Penis Pumps

    Water penis pumps aren’t as common but they are much more comfortable than air pumps. Actually, we recommend only Bathmate water pumps. Bathmate pioneered water pumps and maintains extremely high quality of their products.

    The difference in the effectiveness between water and air pumps may be difficult to analyse, but the difference in comfort is more noticeable.

    Although, keep in mind that using water penis pumps is only possible under the shower or in the bath.

    water penis pumps
    Best for:
    • Excellent for improving penis health
    • Regular exercise will help you enjoy permanent penis growth
    • Improves erection strength and duration
    • Improves blood flow
    • More comfortable to use
    Not so good for:
    • It’s not painful but it’s not satisfying either
    • Usually more expensive
    • You’re limited in terms of where you can use them

    Automatic Penis Pumps

    Automatic penis pumps have the same effect as all the other types but they’re less annoying to use. This type of pump does all the pumping for you. And yes, there are battery-operated ones so you don’t have to drag long cords around the house to use them.

    Additionally, some automatic penis pumps can also vibrate, helping you relax and enjoy the process a bit more.

    automatic penis pumps
    Best for:
    • Can be more satisfying
    • Does the job for you
    • Perfect for users with arthritis or similar problems
    Not so good for:
    • More expensive
    • Not as easy to control at first

    Butt Plugs and Beads

    Sex toys like butt plugs and beads are some of the rare types of toys that any gender can easily enjoy. If you’ve never tried a butt plug before, you’ll be glad to know that they come in tons of shapes and sizes. Many of them are designed based on experience level.

    In addition to this, you can also get vibrating butt plugs, which transform the entire experience and take it to a whole other level of satisfaction. Just remember to get a smaller one with a tapered tip in the beginning.

    butt plugs and anal beads
    Best for:
    • They come in various shapes and sizes and can perfectly fit just about anyone
    • Many good options are fairly affordable
    • You can choose between vibrating and non-vibrating
    Not so good for:
    • It can be a bit uncomfortable and unpleasant when you first start using them


    There you have it! The complete list of main types of male sex toys you should know about. Try to experience as many of them as you can. Only then will you be able to decide which one provides the best feeling. Remember to have fun and not stress this experience at all, regardless of which type of sex toy you decide to try first.


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