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How to Choose a Male Masturbator?

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    What Is a Male Masturbator Sex Toy?

    A masturbator is a device that helps anyone with a penis enjoy sexual stimulation. It’s a unique, and often more satisfying, way to achieve orgasm by yourself, or even with the help of your partner.

    There are many different types of masturbators for men out there. All of them come with their own special features that make the entire experience more unique.

    There are powered masturbators, and there are also manual ones. The powered devices do most of the work for you, while the manual ones take a bit more effort. However, most of them usually include extremely satisfying internal textures that increase satisfaction.

    How Do I Use a Men’s Masturbator?

    Even though all masturbators don’t look the same, the vast majority of them involve stroking. It’s the only way to use a masturbator effectively, making things easy and simple.

    Some of them require inserting your penis inside and manually stroking with the toy. Others use vibrations to stimulate your penis as you stroke with it. You’ll find out exactly how to use each one, in further detail, as we dive into the different types of masturbators down below.

    Different Types of Male Masturbators

    There are a few different categories of masturbators based on how you use them and the type of stimulation they provide, just like with other types of male sex toys. The main types include:

    • Manual Stroker
    • Automatic Male Masturbator
    • Masturbation Eggs
    • Onaholes
    • Penis Vibrators
    • Masturbation Sleeves

    Manual Strokers

    To put it simply, manual strokers are hollow tubes with soft internal textures that play a crucial role in stimulating your penis. Usually, you can hold these devices with one hand and start stroking as you normally would when masturbating. The textures inside will help you achieve a more satisfying orgasm.

    manual masturbators

    Some of them are more realistic than others, depending on the type of texture inside. Some manual strokers can closely resemble the inside walls of a vagina or anus. Others even come with mouth orifices that help simulate oral stimulation.

    For some manual masturbators, you can purchase a shower/wall mount to make the experience sort of hands-free. You stick the toy on your shower wall and enjoy all the action without having to hold the toy in one hand.

    Typically, these toys come in these forms:

    • Vagina masturbator
    • Anal masturbator
    • Mouth masturbator

    Automatic Male Masturbators

    This is where things get more interesting. The concept behind automatic masturbators is extremely similar to penis strokers. The main difference is that they do the stroking for you. It’s also quite often to find a hands-free masturbator within this category.

    This way, you literally sit back and let it handle all of the action.

    When choosing an automatic masturbator, you should always find out how many strokes per minute it can offer. This simply means how fast and intense it can go.

    automatic masturbators

    Masturbation Eggs

    These masturbators are small, portable, and extremely discreet. They’re usually great for edging but can also come in slightly bigger form to fit the entire penis.

    Now, this might not be the most realistic masturbator on the market, but they’re super convenient and perfect if you’re trying something new without breaking the bank.

    tenga egg masturbators

    When buying this type of masturbator, check if it’s labeled for one-time use. Some of them are designed for one use only and should be disposed of afterward. On the other hand, there are also options that last for several months until they simply lose their touch.


    Onaholes are extremely realistic Japanese masturbators that often take the inspiration from hentai. You can find these sex toys with tons of high-quality and unique interior textures. Most of them are inspired by Japanese anime girls and JAV actresses.

    onahole mori man

    Penis Vibrators

    This type of masturbator uses vibrations in addition to stroking to satisfy your sexual needs. You simply insert your penis inside the sleeve and it starts vibrating. Then, you continue stroking it just like a manual stroker and you get to enjoy much more powerful and intense sensations. However, there are also other unique designs where there is no insertion required.

    More advanced models can also focus the vibrations on certain parts of the shaft, and not across the entire penis. Also, note that not all penis vibrators can be stroked.

    penis vibrators masturbators

    Masturbation Sleeves

    Masturbation sleeves offer a more hands-on experience when it comes to stroking compared to penis strokers or automation male masturbators. They are often open-ended, meaning a much easier cleaning experience as well. Lastly, the best thing about these masturbators is probably that they come with countless different interior textures.

    If you want a unique experience, this is how you get it.

    masturbation sleeve

    Best Male Masturbator Brands

    Before we dive into more details about these amazing devices, let’s talk about some brands that make and sell high-quality masturbators. Aside from these brands, you shouldn’t really focus your attention anywhere else on the market. They simply provide the best masturbator models in terms of quality, safety, and longevity.

    • Fleshlight
    • Tenga
    • Lovense
    • KIIROO
    • Fun Factory
    • Satisfyer
    • Hot Octopuss
    • Svakom
    • Arcwave

    What Makes a Perfect Masturbator for Men?

    When buying a masturbator, you should look for the following features and benefits:

    • High-quality materials, hopefully even adjustable dimensions
    • Intensity and realism of sensations
    • A wide range of intensity levels and speeds in the case of powered toys
    • Discreet to some extent
    • Waterproof

    Obviously, you don’t have to stick strictly to these guidelines. The matter is fairly subjective. What seems like a perfect masturbator for someone else doesn’t have to be the same for you. Of course, the main criterion is the ability of the toy to do its job. But generally, having these characteristics should make your experience much more satisfying and enjoyable.

    Penis Masturbator Dimensions

    Unlike with many other toys, with penis masturbators, it’s very important to get the right dimensions, especially if the masturbator has a casing. Otherwise, you might find the toy too tight and uncomfortable or even impossible to use.

    The first piece of advice is to simply measure the length and width of your erect penis. Ideally, you can do this for flaccid as well, in case of some toys.

    Second, look for masturbators that are within your optimal dimensions. Almost all sex toys of this type come with a chart that displays their total length, insertable length, and total width.

    This way, you’ll know exactly whether it will be a perfect fit or not. However, sometimes you might struggle to find the insertable width of a masturbator. Although, this is something you shouldn’t even worry about when it comes to sleeves, eggs, Onaholes, and similar masturbator types.

    The majority of masturbators are made for averagely-sized men, which is 5.0 – 5.5 inches in length and 4.5 – 4.9 inches in circumference. So, if you’re in this range, the majority of masturbators will fit you like a glove.

    Note: On MyIntimacy, we specify the Total width of masturbators, not the width of a cavity. You need to check the manufacturer’s websites if you need more info on dimensions.

    What Materials Are Male Masturbators Made Of?

    The majority of male masturbators are made of either TPE or TPE blends. It’s due to the realism TPE can provide. While TPE is a porous material, which we usually don’t recommend because it is more difficult to clean and not as body-safe as silicone, high-quality TPE toys don’t contain phthalates or other dangerous substances.

    Lower-quality male masturbators are commonly made from latex and similar materials that often contain phthalates. If you don’t know what phthalates are, all you need to know is that these materials are toxic, can give off a nasty smell, and have a much lower lifespan.

    Some companies, for example, Fleshlight, don’t disclose the info about the material. “The Fleshlight material is a secret (!) combination of high-quality mineral oil and rubber polymers, and it’s protected by a series of U.S. patents.” But, while with Fleshlight we can be sure their toys are safe, you need to pay additional attention if buying a masturbator from a not so well-known brand.

    Here is a full guide on sex toy materials, explaining everything you need to know about each type of material used to make all kinds of sex toys, including masturbators.

    Should I Use Lube With Masturbators?

    Yes, you absolutely MUST use the lube. Otherwise, you’re going to have a tedious and painful experience.

    There are three main types of lubricants: oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based.

    You should ONLY use water-based lubricant with most penis masturbators. Chances are very high that any other type of lube will ruin the silicone or TPE materials that make up most of the toys.

    lubing a penis masturbator

    How to Properly Clean a Penis Masturbator

    Cleaning your masturbator can be a simple task, but it can also get a bit frustrating. It depends, once again, on what type of masturbator you have. Unlike learning how to clean a vibrator, some masturbators have sleeves with extremely tiny and detailed textures. This can also be very difficult if you have an electric masturbator.

    So, let’s have a look at how to clean the different types of masturbators.

    With Sleeves

    Even the best masturbator sleeve needs to be cleaned after each use. If your device has a removable sleeve, then you’re lucky. You can simply remove the sleeve, fold it inside out, and scrub away with some warm water and mild soap.

    If its sleeve is not removable, then you need to go in with your hand, if there’s space. If there’s not enough space, you just have to spend a bit more time to thoroughly get in there and clean as much of the surface area as you can.

    Tip: It’s strongly advisable to use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner if you want extra assurance that it’s clean.

    Without Sleeves

    The other category of masturbators regarding cleaning are ones without sleeves. These are usually penis vibrators that wrap around your penis or something very similar. These are much easier to clean. You can just take a mild soap and clean the entire outside surface of the toy. It’s as easy as that.

    IMPORTANT: If you’re not completely sure that your toy is waterproof, never place it under running water or submerge it underwater when cleaning it.

    Male Masturbators – Battery Life and Charging

    When it comes to batteries and charging, we can divide male masturbators into three groups – manual, rechargeable, and corded.

    Manual masturbators are the handheld strokers we talked about earlier. They don’t require batteries or charging. They have no motors or electric components whatsoever. An example of a manual male masturbator is the Tenga Flip Zero.

    Rechargeable masturbators are the ones that have electric motors and come with rechargeable batteries. Basically, they’re cordless and need to be charged in order to use them. A good example of this type of masturbator is the Tenga Flip Zero EV or the Fun Factory Manta penis vibrator.

    When it comes to these masturbators, try to get one that takes less time to charge and provides a longer run time. However, that won’t always be the case. You can always go for any options that take the same time to fully charge as their total run time. This is also called a 1:1 charge-to-use time ratio. It’s perfectly fine in most cases.

    tenga zero masturbator

    Corded masturbators aren’t really common anymore. Our advice is to stay away from them as they are just inconvenient and not that practical compared to cordless or manual ones.

    How Much Does a Male Masturbator Cost?

    You can expect a rough price range starting from $20 and up. Most of them, however, will cost between $20 and $250. Obviously, there will always be exceptions.

    Here’s how to choose one based on your experience level:

    • Beginner: If you’ve never used a male masturbator before, try to go for the least expensive ones. You still need to find out what works for you without wasting money.
    • Experienced: If you already have some experience with one or more types of male masturbators, you already know what you want. As a result, you can now spend a little extra to get a higher quality masturbator with a few extra features.
    • Pro: If you’ve been using male masturbators for years and you’ve tried many different types, then you already know what you’re doing. You’re aware that more expensive doesn’t usually mean a better experience.

    In terms of budget, here are a few guidelines:

    • $20-$80: Good range of different types of devices. Solid quality and decent features. You may run into a few issues with battery life, but it’s good enough for testing.
    • $80 – $150: Much better quality and plenty of extra features. This is where you can find some automatic masturbators and interesting designs.
    • $150+: The higher this price range goes, the more advanced and sophisticated the masturbator will be. Expect unique designs, very handy builds, and awesome features.

    Benefits of Owning and Using a Male Masturbator

    In general, using a masturbator has all the same scientifically-backed health benefits that masturbation provides. However, a male masturbator improves this in several ways.

    • It makes masturbation significantly more entertaining thanks to the countless unique textures and designs they come in.
    • Some of them can improve and prolong your erections, ensuring sex with your partner becomes all the more satisfying for both of you.
    • Orgasms with an electric masturbator can be more intense and satisfying compared to regular masturbation.
    • It’s a great way to enjoy an experience that is close to the real thing all by yourself.
    • It’s an excellent way to improve your sexual stamina, helping you last much longer in bed. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is called so for a reason.


    Now you have all the knowledge and resources necessary to find the best male masturbator for you. Use these tips and guidelines to make a properly educated purchase. And remember, testing is always the best way to find out whether something works for you or not.

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