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How to Choose a Fleshlight Masturbator?

Table of contents

    What Is a Fleshlight?

    Fleshlight is the name of a sex toy brand that makes some of the best and most popular masturbators on the market. They also make several other types of sex toys, including penis pumps and even vibrators. But, the Fleshlight Masturbators are their best sellers by far.

    What’s special about these sex toys is their superb quality, unique interior sleeve textures, the design, and the overall high satisfaction rate among their customers. Most will say that it’s truly worth owning and using a Fleshlight toy.

    Different Types of Fleshlight Masturbators

    As you know by now, there are different types of Fleshlight masturbators. Each type has its own unique traits, and it usually offers a unique experience because of those traits.

    Training Units

    The Fleshlight Training Units are designed to help anyone with a penis train sexual stamina. These models are tighter and more stimulating than others, in order to provide as intense experience as possible.

    fleshlight stu on sand small


    The Boost line of Fleshlight masturbators can be described as an improved version of the regular model. It includes more features, incredibly more complex internal textures, dual chambers, new skin tones, a new suction control cap, and more.

    fleshlight boost

    Fleshlight Girls

    This line of Fleshlight masturbators includes exclusively masturbators molded by adult film stars. It is the ultimate collection of over 50 girls so far.

    riley reid fleshlight


    If you are looking for smaller versions of the original Fleshlight masturbator, the Go line is exactly what you need. These are smaller, more compressed models that still feature all the important and satisfying parts of the original one.

    fleshlight go


    Quickshot Fleshlight masturbators have two openings on them. They let your penis slide through the entire toy, ensuring that penises of any length are compatible with this type of masturbator. This also offers tons of fun for couples’ play and facilitates the cleaning experience.

    fleshlight quickshot


    Turbo masturbators are meant to simulate the blowjob. They provide incredible suction and an intense but satisfying experience for any user. There’s no other Fleshlight toy that can provide a better level of suction than the Turbo.

    fleshlight turbo


    Flight masturbators are the most compact and discreet of any other Fleshlight sex toy. It would be a perfect choice if you’re someone who travels a lot and needs to take their Fleshlight with them.

    fleshlight flight


    Ice Fleshlight masturbators are very similar to other Fleshlight masturbators. The main feature worth noting about them is their crystal clear and transparent sleeves. If you want a more visual stimulation, then they can be a wonderful choice.

    fleshlight ice


    This is essentially a classic Fleshlight masturbator. The difference lies in the sleeve, which has sockets for bullet vibrators that make the toy vibrate, enhancing the experience.

    vibro fleshlight

    Automatic Masturbators

    Automatic Fleshlight masturbators will stroke the masturbation sleeve for you. They work with the majority of Fleshlight models and feature lots of adjustments to provide a highly customizable experience.

    fleshlight univeral launch with toy

    Main Features of a Fleshlight Masturbator

    Once you get familiar with a few Fleshlight masturbators, you will notice that most of them have a few features in common. These are usually the features that make the toy worth buying. Let’s explore some of them.

    The Sleeve

    The Fleshlight sleeve is arguably the most important feature of the toy. It’s what defines your experience. When it comes to the sleeve itself, first you want to look at the internal texture. There are gentler textures and more aggressive ones.

    If you’re a beginner, going with the gentler and simpler textures is probably best. If you’re more experienced and require more intense stimulation, then there are more complex textures to satisfy your desires.

    The Orifice

    The orifice is another very important feature. It’s definitely in the top three main features of a Fleshlight. This part refers to the opening of the sleeve.

    There are four main types of orifices you’ll find with Fleshlights: a mouth orifice, a vagina, an anus, and the neutral one. There is no best or worst orifice. Whichever one you choose depends simply on your personal preference.


    Next are the dimensions. Once you’ve chosen your ideal texture and orifice, you simply must remember to check the dimensions of the Fleshlight masturbator. The internal width and length of the toy will determine whether your penis fits comfortably inside or not.

    Once again, there is no perfect width or length here. There are no perfect dimensions that will transform your experience into a magical one. Simply choose based on the measurements of your erect penis.


    The casing is what protects the Fleshlight masturbators from damaging the delicate sleeves. Its purpose also extends to the point where it also makes the toys more discreet and safer to store in less secretive places.


    Fleshlight sex toys are made from a material they call SuperSkin™. The individual substances of the material are not fully known but it’s safe to say that this material is body-safe and extremely comfortable during use. It also comes very close to feeling like real human skin.


    The Fleshlight masturbator sleeves are 100% waterproof and you’re free to clean them with warm water. You’re also free to use the sleeves in the shower if you prefer.

    On the other hand, automatic Fleshlight masturbators such as the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch or the Fleshlight Universal Launch are not waterproof. You should be careful when cleaning these models.

    How Much Do Fleshlight Masturbators Cost?

    Most of the adult film star Fleshlight masturbator models cost around $80. However, there are much more affordable Fleshlights that you can buy, starting from as low as $30. If you’re not looking for any special add-ons or attachments, then even the best Fleshlight masturbators won’t cost more than $100, give or take.

    How to Use a Fleshlight Masturbator

    The first thing you want to do is get your Fleshlight masturbator and set the mood. Maybe play some music, explore the toy a bit more, and move on to the next step.

    Next, you want to get some water-based lube. Apply the lubricant thoroughly on the toy’s opening and try to slide a bit of lube inside. It’s also advised to rub some lubricant on your penis as well.

    Finally, you can insert your penis. It would be better if you can get it erect first, then try inserting it. Do this slowly if it’s your first time and gradually increase the intensity and speed of the strokes as you progress.

    Once you’re done, you can either finish inside the sex toy or not. It’s your choice. It’s important to remember that all Fleshlight masturbators feature removable sleeves. All sleeves can be folded inside out for easier cleaning.

    How to Clean and Store Your Fleshlight?

    Speaking of cleaning, it’s incredibly simple to clean any Fleshlight masturbator. Remember you can always remove the sleeve and turn it inside out. Then, you can clean the sleeve with some warm water and anti-bacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner.

    Once you’re done, leave the sleeve to dry completely before storing it in its case or in another box. This is crucial, make sure the sleeve is 100% dry before storing or it might get damaged.

    Benefits and Reasons to Use Fleshlight Masturbators

    By now, you’ve already probably figured out that using a unique Fleshlight sex toy will be lots of fun. But, there are other reasons to use them, and plenty of useful benefits that come with that as well.

    A Realistic Experience

    Fleshlights are known for being able to simulate a highly realistic experience. There aren’t many sex toys like them. Combined with industry expertise and the famous SuperSkinTM material, it’s hard not to enjoy the feeling.

    Plenty of Choices to Experiment With

    There are so many different shapes, orifices, and unique internal textures that come with Fleshlight masturbators. This means that you will have a lot to experiment with. Two different Fleshlights can easily offer two very different but satisfying experiences.

    Discreteness and Portability

    There are incredibly discreet and portable options you can choose from, such as the Quickshot models. If you travel a lot, this will benefit you greatly.

    Easy Maintenance

    Because they are so easy to clean, you’ll have no trouble keeping the toy in good condition for a very long time. This is great, because other masturbators can be very difficult to clean, sticky, and will get ruined much faster, forcing you to keep buying more and more of them.

    Fleshlight Masturbator FAQ

    How Long Will My Fleshlight Masturbator Last?

    If you properly clean and store the toy, it can last up to a few years. This is excellent for such sex toys and should give you plenty of time to play with it. The material these toys are made of is very high-quality and they don’t lose their touch that easily.

    Are Fleshlights Safe to Use?

    Yes, Fleshlights are made from body-safe materials and are not known to cause any skin irritations or other issues. As long as you clean the toy regularly and store it in hygienic conditions, it will be just fine to use.

    What Are the Main Benefits of Using a Fleshlight Masturbator?

    The main benefits of using a Fleshlight masturbator include improved sexual stamina and the enjoyment of highly realistic masturbation sex toys. These toys feel incredibly real and will improve your game in the bedroom the more you practice with them.

    How Big Is the Average Fleshlight Masturbator?

    This depends on the actual Fleshlight masturbator that you’re trying to get. Fortunately, each model and individual product features a size chart that clearly shows you its total length and insertable length.


    A Fleshlight is perhaps the best thing you can buy if you want to safely experience highly realistic sexual stimulation through masturbation. They come with so many different internal textures and superb orifices.

    There are a ton of different types and models of Fleshlight masturbators as well, designed to suit absolutely any and all users. There’s always something for everybody. Hopefully, this guide was able to clear up the most important features of the Fleshlight masturbators.

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