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How to Choose a Prostate Massager?

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    What Is a Prostate Massage?

    In simple terms, a prostate massage is a process of stimulating your prostate gland. The most effective way to do this is with the right prostate massager. The main reasons why doing this is important are to enjoy sexual satisfaction or achieve a few very rewarding health benefits.

    The prostate gland is capable of achieving orgasms that simply feel out of this world. Prostate orgasms are more powerful and exhilarating compared to ordinary ones. However, you need to learn how to utilize prostate sex toys for maximum effects.

    Also, keep in mind that a prostate massager and a butt plug are not the same things. Although they appear to have a similar purpose and design, most butt plugs do not interact with the prostate and are solely designed for anal stimulation. Butt plugs are also gender-neutral.

    We will get more into detail about all of the benefits of prostate massages and how to use sex toys designed for this down below.

    For now, let’s first explore the important role prostate massagers play in this process.

    What Are Prostate Massagers?

    Prostate massagers, or prostate toys, are devices that help you enjoy prostate stimulation safely and very effectively. There are many different prostate massagers on the market. The main difference between most of them lies in their shape and size. And, this is based on the user’s experience level.

    You can purchase a prostate massager that’s specifically designed to suit you based on your experience in this. For example, if you’ve never used a prostate stimulator before, your best choice would be to purchase a smaller one with a tapered tip. This allows easy insertion and no pain. It also makes you feel a lot more comfortable the first time around.

    Main Benefits of Using Male Prostate Toys

    Aside from enjoying some astonishing orgasms, there are also many health benefits that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. As we all know, taking care of our prostate is crucial for longer and healthier life, especially as we get older. Well, fortunately, massaging the prostate correctly can help with this.

    A few of the main benefits of prostate massage:

    • Relieves pain
    • Reduces pressure and relieves swelling of the prostate
    • Helps reduce ejaculation pain or similar problems
    • Improves and eases urine flow

    Types of Prostate Massagers

    You can choose between three main types of prostate massagers:

    • Vibrating
    • Rotating
    • Manual

    Vibrating prostate massagers are among the most popular. They are easy to use and often come with remote controllers that make switching up the intensity a breeze. Considering the motor isn’t too buzzy, a prostate vibrator can offer very satisfying stimulation for users of any experience level.

    vibrating prostate massagers

    Rotating prostate massagers are often known to hit the spot way better. They have a rotating head that spins around slowly, stimulating the prostate similarly to how a finger would. Also, some rotating massagers incorporate vibrations into the action for an even more intense and satisfying experience.

    rotating prostate massager

    Manual prostate toys have no motors of any kind. They’re designed with high detail to ensure excellent stimulation. You may believe that you need a vibrating motor to be satisfied, but it’s actually quite surprising how enjoyable and powerful even manual prostate massagers can be.

    manual prostate massagers

    Bonus: You will also find plenty of prostate massagers that stimulate the perineum area at the same time. This goes great with P-spot stimulation. Some of them have a separate motor for the perineal area.

    How to Use a Male Prostate Massager?

    Using a prostate massager for men can be as easy as simply inserting the toy in your anus and turning it on. However…

    You need to consider two important factors before even thinking about using a prostate massager. I’m talking about the size of the device and its intensity levels.

    If you don’t get the size right, you can expect a painful and uncomfortable first-time experience that’s anything but satisfying. Also, if the toy is too intense or not intense enough in terms of vibration, it still won’t be as satisfying as you might desire.

    But don’t worry, we’ll cover these crucial factors and all you need to know about them below.

    Main Factors to Consider

    As we discussed, you need to worry about two things when buying a male prostate massager, especially if you’re a beginner. This is size and intensity.


    Prostate massagers come in weird shapes and sizes. Some of them don’t even look like sex toys. However, that’s rarely a bad thing. A beginner prostate massager will ideally have a tapered tip and a fairly slim shaft for extremely easy insertion. It’s true that girthier models can be much more satisfying, but you need to work your way up in order to avoid pain and discomfort.

    As for the more experienced users, you can always go bigger but make sure to increase the girth of your prostate massagers slowly. Purchase a slightly girthier one and use it for a while until you think you’re ready for more.


    This piece of advice only applies if you decide to use a vibrating or rotating prostate massager. If you only prefer manual ones, then feel free to skip this part.

    So, the intensity level determines how strong the stimulation can get. Most prostate massagers will offer a few different intensity levels, starting from slow vibrations or rotations to very fast and powerful.

    The key tip here is to get one that offers as many different intensity levels as possible. This allows you to slowly move your way up, at your own pace. If the massager only had two speeds (slow and fast) one would probably be always too slow and gentle while the other would be too strong and powerful.

    How to Insert a Prostate Massager?

    To know this, you first need to understand where the prostate gland is located. So, this highly pleasurable area in a man’s body sits on the wall that’s closest to your stomach. It is a few inches from the anus and can usually be easily reached with any sex toy designed for prostate stimulation.

    Now, let’s get to business. Here are a few very useful tips.

    Find Your P-Spot

    If it’s your first time using a prostate massager, you should try to get one with a tapered tip. This basically allows smooth insertion and no pain during first contact. If you still feel uncomfortable, a great piece of advice is to find your prostate with your fingers first. This way, you’ll get a better feel of what’s going on and where the massager needs to go.

    NEVER Forget Lube

    Lubricant is a crucial part of using a prostate sex toy. It helps with insertion, it adds comfort, and also makes the entire experience more satisfying. Stick to water-based lube if you’re unsure what type to use. Water-based is easiest to clean and works amazingly for all types of sex toys.

    Are Prostate Massagers Safe?

    According to a study, prostate massaging devices were once the most popular tools used to treat prostatitis. But even if there weren’t any health benefits, even if it were for pleasure alone, prostate massagers are generally safe to use and pose no risk considering we use them properly.

    In order to maximize their safety and effectiveness, remember some of the tips you see throughout this guide. For example, reading a guide or two on how to clean a vibrator is absolutely crucial for keeping all your sex toys safe and long-lasting. Also, don’t start with the girthiest and largest massagers if you’re a beginner. Even if you’re not, sometimes it’s just better to stick to smaller or average-sized ones if they still give you pleasure.

    What’s a Good Size for a Prostate Massager?

    We talked about prostate massager size earlier, but we didn’t mention what an ideal size would be. This includes both length and width. As you may have noticed, it’s probably the most important factor when it comes to this type of sex toy.


    Technically speaking, a prostate massager with a larger width can provide a higher level of stimulation. This is because it reaches and stimulates more nerve endings. So, a girthier sex toy can be more satisfying when it comes to both anal play and prostate play. However, you need to keep in mind that you must work your way up towards a girthier one.

    holding lovense edge 2


    When it comes to prostate stimulation, the length of the prostate stimulator is not as important. This is because the prostate gland is located about 2 inches from the anus. So, even one that’s only 2 inches in length will do. There are some longer ones out there but the vast majority of them are designed to be inserted fully for a more enjoyable experience.

    Best Male Prostate Massagers Brands

    You don’t necessarily need the best prostate massager to have a great orgasm and enjoy the experience. However, it doesn’t hurt to own a high-quality toy that won’t break down after three uses. Furthermore, purchasing a prostate massager from a trusted brand that makes body-safe sex toys is almost necessary for your own safety.

    With this in mind, here are some sex toy brands that make outstanding top-shelf sex toys:

    • Aneros
    • Lelo
    • Nexus
    • Lovense
    • Svakom
    • We-Vibe
    • Fun Factory
    • Giddi
    • Nomi Tang

    How Much Does a Prostate Massager Cost?

    You can find prostate massagers costing from as low as $20 and as high as $300+. However, the differences can be significant.

    The lower-end massagers, the cheaper ones, rarely come with vibrations. Even when they do, the vibrations are buzzy and very surface-leveled. Whereas the more expensive ones come with more rumbly and powerful vibes, traveling deeper and delivering a more powerful sensation.

    As for non-vibrating massagers, the main difference can be noticed in the toy’s design and how comfortable it feels going in and out.

    As a beginner, you want to go for something more affordable but not the cheapest. This is because the cheapest ones out there might ruin the experience for you and make you think that this is not comfortable at all. As a result, focus on buying something with a decent balance of quality and price.

    Prostate Massagers and Remote Controls

    When it comes to sex toys that are for anal use, you can imagine how convenient a remote-control device would be, right?

    Instead of arching your back and working up a sweat to find the button for increasing the intensity, you could instead still be in a relaxing position while you choose the perfect intensity level from the remote controller in your hand.

    On that note, you can find prostate stimulators with remote controllers and without them. It all depends on how you prefer things, but having a remote definitely helps keep things more convenient.

    lovense edge 2

    By the way, remote-control devices with prostate massagers are amazing for couples’ play, as you get to enjoy a stimulating experience controlled entirely by your partner.

    How to Clean Prostate Sex Toys

    If you want to protect yourself and your prostate massagers, it’s absolutely crucial to clean them before and after each use. The cleaning doesn’t need to be so thorough before use, but it’s entirely critical after.

    So, how do you clean it?

    This simple process is extremely similar to washing your hands. All you need is warm water and some mild soap. You can use antibacterial soap, it’s even better. Then, wash the toy’s surface for about half a minute (you can do it for longer if you want).

    After that, ensure your toy is completely dry before storing it safely until next time.

    Additionally, some prostate massagers like most motorless Aneros ones can be boiled. This will fully sterilize your sex toy and ensure maximum protection. However, you must first be sure that it’s safe to boil it.

    REMEMBER, never boil sex toys that have electrical components in them.

    Prostate Vibrator Battery Life

    Almost any prostate vibrator that you’ll find these days is rechargeable and cordless. This means that you’ll occasionally have to charge your device if you want to use it. With this in mind, it’s important to get one that has a decent battery life but also doesn’t take 6 hours to recharge.

    Most prostate massagers will last about 2 hours on a single charge. Now, if you can find one that also takes about the same time to fully charge, then you have a good device in your hands. Fortunately, this is not something that’s rare, and should be easy to find one with these specifications.

    What If My Prostate Massager Starts to Smell?

    Sometimes, especially after a while of using the same prostate sex toy, it may start releasing nasty odors. This is fine and it can fairly easily be fixed.

    First of all, let’s talk about a few tips to prevent this from happening. Then, we’ll find out how to properly sanitize your sex toy and remove any unwanted smells.

    After using a prostate massager,

    DO NOT:

    • Let it dry out on a window breeze before properly cleaning it with soap or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.
    • Seal your sex toys in a vacuum such as zip-lock plastic bags. This will simply trap any nasty odors inside and make the toy smell even worse over time.
    • Clean your prostate massager only with water.


    • Air out your sex toy in fresh air but only after thoroughly cleaning it.
    • Try a 10% bleach solution to sanitize its surface and clean out all nasty odors.

    How Do I Store a Prostate Massager?

    Learning how to store sex toys is one of the most important things you can do as a sex toy owner. It’s crucial for keeping the toy safe and sanitized. It helps with keeping things discreet as well.

    So, here are a few major tips regarding sex toy storage:

    • ALWAYS clean the toy before storing it away.
    • NEVER put your prostate massager in your drawer or sex toy box without being sure it’s 100% dry.
    • NEVER store your sex toys bunched up in a pile without covering each of them in individual bags, cases, boxes, etc.

    Extra Features You Should Know About

    As we’ve already seen, prostate massagers can come in all shapes and sizes and can include plenty of surprises. With this in mind, here are some extra features and benefits that can often appear surprising.

    • Hands-free capabilities: A hands-free prostate massager is one that doesn’t require any adjustments after you’ve inserted it. Often “hands-free” means that the prostate massager can be controlled remotely, but there are some manual massagers that can be considered “hands-free” as well. The majority of prostate massagers these days have this feature, however, some might be less effective at it than others.
    • Travel lock: This is a very handy feature that can save you from lots of embarrassment in public. It basically prevents the toy from being activated by accident.
    • Waterproof: It’s pretty self-explanatory. It lets you easily clean the toy using water and lets you have some extra fun with it under the shower or in the bath.
    • App control: Some prostate massagers can be entirely controlled via a smartphone app from anywhere in the world. This can be really fun for long-distance relationships.

    So, How to Choose the Right Prostate Massager For You?

    It all comes down to your level of experience with prostate massagers and how sensitive you are. If you’re a complete beginner and you are sensitive to stimulation, go for a smaller one with a tapered tip. It doesn’t even need to have a vibrating motor in the beginning.

    If you are more experienced, consider trying out a slightly girthier one. Maybe experiment with more powerful ones or even massagers with rotating heads. You never know how much you’ll love or hate it until you try.

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