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How to Choose the Best Male Sex Toys

You’re about to find out every important factor about male sex toys when it comes to choosing the best one. The thing about sex toys for men is that they’re not all the same. Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot to choose from.

Despite the fact that the majority of them involve stimulating the penis, there are still plenty of different sensations you can enjoy. And, all of that can be determined based on the type of male sex toy that you use.

Table of contents

    Factors to Consider During Your Search

    When choosing a male sex toy, you must consider all factors that play a role in providing satisfying and comfortable stimulation. Having said that, here’s what you’ll be learning about today:

    • The different types of male sex toys
    • The types of stimulation that you can achieve with them
    • Best male sex toy brands
    • Materials
    • Dimensions
    • Power type
    • Intensity levels
    • Battery life
    • Waterproof features
    • Remote control
    • Where to buy them
    • Extra features
    • And more

    Main Types of Male Sex Toys

    The most popular male sex toy types can be placed inside a few categories:

    • Masturbator
    • Penis vibrators
    • Cock ring
    • Prostate massagers
    • Penis pumps
    • Butt plugs
    • Sex Dolls
    • Penis Sleeves and Extenders
    • Chastity Cages


    The best male sex toys in terms of popularity, ease of use, and satisfaction are currently masturbators. These sex toys are designed to simulate the inside and often outside of the vagina and anus.

    The way you use them is you simply insert your penis inside and start stroking. Fortunately, there are also automatic masturbators that do all the stroking for you.

    An extremely popular and common example of a masturbator is the Fleshlight.

    male masturbators

    Penis Vibrators

    A penis vibrator is… well, a sex toy that vibrates and stimulates the penis. These sex toys can come in various shapes and sizes.

    Some are designed to wrap around the penis while others require you to insert the penis inside a tube that will stimulate the entire shaft. You can also select to stimulate different parts of the penis if your vibrator is more advanced.

    penis vibrators

    Cock Ring

    Cock rings are literal rings that you put on your penis. Many of them vibrate to stimulate the penis. However, cock rings also serve another crucial function. They improve the blood flow to your penis, helping you enjoy a longer and harder erection. In turn, this satisfies both you and your partner at the same time.

    vibrating cock rings

    Prostate Massager

    Prostate massagers, as the name suggests, stimulate the prostate. Keep in mind, this job can’t really be successfully executed with just any insertable sex toy. Prostate massagers are specifically designed to comfortably reach, find, and stimulate the male prostate.

    Additionally, some prostate massagers don’t come with any vibrating motors. Others will vibrate. Then, there is a third type of prostate massager that comes with a rotating head. This significantly increases the level of satisfaction. Just keep in mind that they are more suited for experienced users.

    vibrating prostate massagers

    Penis Pumps

    You can use penis pumps to improve the strength and duration of your erections. This is excellent for someone experiencing erectile dysfunction. In addition, penis pumps have also proved to support penis growth, considering you use them correctly and regularly.

    water penis pumps

    Butt Plugs

    Butt plugs are sex toys used strictly for anal stimulation. This is also a sex toy that can be equally satisfying to both genders. These toys come in different sizes to ensure users of any experience level can be thoroughly satisfied.

    butt plugs

    Sex Dolls

    If you’re looking for more realistic male sex toys, sex dolls are what you need. This type of toy usually features a realistic torso of a male or female partner. More expensive ones can even include the entire body with highly realistic features, especially the sex organs. The more realistic the sex doll is, the more expensive it will be.

    sex dolls

    Chastity Cages

    Chastity cages take sex toys for men to an extreme level. These devices lock the wearer’s penis in a body-safe metallic cage. They prevent the wearer from obtaining a full erection. Intercourse with these toys can be extremely fun. This toy is meant for seasoned sex toys users that love kinks. Use chastity cages only if you know what you’re doing because it can be slightly dangerous otherwise.

    Penis Sleeves

    Penis sleeves serve as sort of add-ons for your penis. They come in different shapes and sizes with the singular purpose of increasing pleasure for both you and your partner. Some penis sleeves add an extra few inches of length and girth, while others include various nubs and even motors if you prefer to fly solo.

    Different Types of Stimulation from Male Sex Toys

    There are around six main types of stimulation male sex toys can provide. All of them feel different and unique. Obviously, some types will feel much better while others worse. This is important if you want to find out what works for you and maximize the level of satisfaction that the top male sex toys out there can provide.

    So, let’s get into the different stimulation types.


    This type of stimulation features multiple subtypes of male sex toys inside. For example, there are anal male sex toys, masturbators, and cock rings that provide stimulation through vibration. To put it simply, if you want vibration stimulation, just buy a male sex toy that has a vibrating motor inside.


    You might often hear that achieving orgasm through pulsations is much more satisfying than with vibrations. Unlike vibrating motors, pulsating ones deliver deeper vibes that travel through the entire penis. These sex toys can be versatile, and very comfortable, but also a bit more expensive as well.


    Stroking stimulation is the closest thing to male masturbation without sex toys. However, sex toys that offer stroking can make this experience more enjoyable and less tiring. Plus, a hands-free male sex toy like this can make you feel like someone else is doing all the work.


    Male sex toys that offer rotation stimulation are usually prostate massagers. These toys feature rotating heads that do wonders to your prostate. Most of the time, such a sex toy will be paired with vibrations as well for a more fulfilling experience.


    Contraction stimulation is basically the toy giving your penis a good squeeze. These toys are also usually paired with another type of stimulation like stroking or vibrations. The point of these contractions is to make the entire experience more realistic and intense. It’s perfect for more experienced and less sensitive users.

    Air Pulsation

    If you want a highly enhanced climax that travels deep throughout the body, air pulsation is the best type of stimulation to help you get that. There aren’t many air pulsation male sex toys on the market. The ones that do exist can be a bit expensive. However, it is worth it if all the other types of sex toys simply aren’t getting the job done anymore.

    Male Sex Toy Brands You Can’t Go Wrong With

    As with any product on the market, there are some brands that stand out over others. The factors we’re considering here are the quality of the toys, safety, battery life, overall longevity of the toy, and similar.

    So, let’s have a look at some brands that simply produce high-quality male sex toys at reasonable prices.

    • Fleshlight
    • Aneros
    • Tenga
    • Lelo
    • Lovense
    • Arcwave
    • Fun Factory
    • Bathmate

    • Hot Octopuss
    • Satisfyer
    • Nexus
    • Svakom
    • We-Vibe
    • Kiiroo
    • Je Joue
    • MysteryVibe

    Where to Buy Your Male Sex Toys

    When buying a sex toy, your main objective is not to get scammed into buying some cheap knockoff online. Avoiding this is extremely easy once you know how and where to look.

    Official Brand Websites

    The best place to ensure you’re buying a high-quality sex toy is from the brand’s official website or store. For example, let’s say you’re trying to purchase the Lovense Edge prostate massager. The best place to purchase it would be on the official Lovense website. This way, you’re making sure you don’t get scammed into buying a cheap knock-off or paying double.


    Lovehoney is a popular seller of countless sex toys. It’s a trusted website where you can be sure there are no knock-offs. Additionally, there are other similar sites like this. You just need to make sure they’re trusted and safe.


    Lastly, Amazon is often a good choice to buy a sex toy but it can sometimes be risky as well. Amazon has fast delivery and good guarantees but you still have to be careful.

    For example, it’s possible to buy a knock-off there that’s being sold by other unknown sellers. A good tip to keep in mind is to always double-check the seller on Amazon. If you can see overwhelmingly positive reviews and that it’s the official brand of the toy selling it, then you’re good to go.


    There are a few general rules that apply to all sex toys when it comes to materials. What you’re about to learn is important for all of them, including male sex toys.

    So, when buying a sex toy, you can usually choose from two major types of materials – porous and non-porous. What you want are NON-POROUS sex toy materials. They are significantly safer, more hygienic, and easier to clean.

    Porous materials, on the other hand, can easily hold on to bacteria and can almost never be fully cleaned. They also tend to give off nasty smells over time and have a much shorter lifespan on average.

    Plus, if you want to safely store sex toys, the ones made from porous materials make this job a living hell as well.

    Note: The majority of masturbators are made of either TPE, which is porous, or a mix of TPE and silicone, which is porous as well. It’s due to the difficulty of achieving the same level of realism with other materials. That’s why it’s extremely important to thoroughly clean, dry and store a masturbator after each use.

    Examples of non-porous sex toy materials:

    • Silicone
    • Glass
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Hard Plastic

    Examples of porous and toxic sex toy materials:

    • Latex
    • TPE/TPR
    • Rubber
    • Jelly

    The Perfect Male Sex Toy Dimensions

    The best part about many male sex toys is that you get to choose how big and long they are. Because of this, you don’t always have to settle for average. You can choose the dimensions that fit you best.

    Total Length

    First of all, you need to consider the total length of the toy. This comes in handy when you’re planning on how to store your sex toy. It will also give you a reference on how big it will feel in your hands.

    Based on the sex toy market, the length of male sex toys ranges between 2 and 15 inches. Obviously, some sex toys can be longer but they are rarely shorter than this. When you’re buying a sex toy, make sure to put its total length into consideration.

    Insertable Length

    Next, you need to think about the toy’s insertable length. Keep in mind that its total length and its insertable length are not the same.

    When it comes to insertable length, you can expect an average range of 2 to 9 inches. These numbers apply to both anal sex toys and toys like masturbators where you have to insert your penis.


    The width of a sex toy, you see on our website, is its total diameter. It is its girth.

    The usual scale of a male sex toy’s width can go from 2 inches and up. Most of the time, the best choice is between 1 and 4 inches.

    Fortunately, most sex toy companies display a reference of how big or small a particular diameter would be in real life. This will help you in the buying process.

    You should always check the width of most male sex toys such as prostate massagers, masturbators, and cock rings.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For toys such as prostate massagers, total width we use on MyIntimacy is the same as insertable width. For toys such as masturbators or cock rings, insertable and total width are different. On MyIntimacy we use only total width so if you’re curious about the insertable width, please refer to the official manufacturer’s website.

    Power Type

    There are a few types of male sex toys based on their power type.

    Powered sex toys are any toys that use some type of motor powered by electricity to offer stimulation. Manual sex toys are just regular sex toys that don’t come with electric motors and require you or your partner to do all the work.

    When choosing between these two types, it’s important to know that powered sex toys are usually more expensive. In addition, they also have a shorter life span because the motor inside can sometimes wear down or break.

    manual prostate massagers

    Speaking of powered sex toys, they also get divided into two other categories – corded and cordless.

    When it comes to corded sex toys for men, you probably won’t see a lot of them. They aren’t as popular or as convenient.

    Cordless toys can be either rechargeable or battery-powered. The majority of powered male sex toys these days are rechargeable and we strongly advise you go for this power type.

    Rechargeable toys are what you will want most of the time. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of rechargeable sex toys:

    • No long cord annoying you
    • More compact and easier to travel with
    • They are usually waterproof

    • Tend to have less powerful motors compared to corded toys
    • It can be a nightmare when you forget to charge them
    • The battery may need replacing after a while

    Obviously, these types of sex toys have their pros and cons. However, when it comes to choosing, just consider what you prefer.

    Battery Life

    You should also pay attention to the battery life of powered sex toys. Not all of them run for the same time on a single charge. Ideally, the longer it runs on one charge, the better. However, in some cases, you might find toys that barely make it up to a full hour of runtime.

    There are no special criteria here. The best advice is to understand how much time you need to get satisfied and how many times you plan to use your toy in one day. Then, find one that meets those requirements.

    Waterproof Features

    You may think that the waterproof feature on a sex toy is solely for protecting it from water. However, there’s another purpose to this. A waterproof sex toy is a more discreet sex toy.


    Let’s say that you don’t live alone and you can’t really use your sex toy in your room. Well, you can take a waterproof toy in the shower with you, turn on the water, and have at it. You can’t do this with a non-waterproof sex toy.

    Waterproof toys are also way easier to clean because you don’t need to worry about ruining the toy with water.

    lovense calor in water

    Remote-Controlled Male Sex Toys

    Maybe you’re familiar with them, maybe not, but there are remote-controlled male sex toys that you or your partner can control using the remote or your smartphone. This feature is exceptionally handy for some of the best male anal sex toys. It ensures comfortable stimulation without forcing you to bend over backward just to increase the intensity slightly.

    Additionally, remote-controlled sex toys can make couples’ play extremely more fun. Even if you’re in a long-distance relationship. You can let your partner from anywhere in the world control the toy for you from their phone. It’s something you should try at least once. You’d be surprised by how exciting and enjoyable this can be.

    lovense calor app control

    Lastly, some sex positions work perfectly with sex toys. Now, imagine how much easier and more comfortable this would be with a remote-control device in your hand pulling all the strings.

    Charging Time

    As we’ve already seen, there are tons of male sex toys that run on electrical motors and that use batteries. Because of this, you need to find out how long it takes to charge them. Obviously, each type of sex toy is unique and will have a different charging time. Luckily, you can always see this on the product page when purchasing the toy. It is also usually displayed on the package.

    More importantly, the best way to choose a male sex toy when it comes to charging time and battery life is to look at both of these factors.

    You do not want a sex toy that runs for one hour max and takes five hours to charge.

    The golden goose here would be a toy that runs for several hours and takes about an hour to charge. However, that won’t always be the case.

    So, the best-case scenario is to find a balance. Usually, a toy that runs for two hours and charges for two hours is perfectly fine. In other words, a 1:1 ratio is good enough.

    Travel Lock

    If you’re someone who travels a lot and you want to take your sex toys with you, the travel lock feature will be extremely important for you.

    This feature literally locks the device and prevents you or anyone from accidentally turning it on. It will save you from plenty of embarrassing moments when you’re in public. Usually, a travel lock doesn’t dramatically increase the price of the toy. It might affect it slightly but it’s nothing that will break the bank most of the time.

    Even if you don’t need this feature, a lot of new male sex toys will come with one still.


    Now comes one of the most important factors when buying… well, anything! Here is the average price range of most male sex toys on the market.

    • Beginner: $20 – $80
    • Mid-Range: $80 – $180
    • Higher-End: $180+

    If you’re looking at something that’s drastically under or over these prices, you’re probably getting scammed.

    But still, there are obviously always exceptions. You’ll find single-use male sex toys that cost about $6.50 such as the Tenga Eggs. Just remember, they are SINGLE USE, which means you need to throw them away after one use.

    Likewise, there are also some exceptions that are extremely expensive. If you have the money to spend, only buy really expensive sex toys that come from popular and trusted brands.

    Cleaning Sex Toys For Men

    First of all, some of these sex toys are harder to clean than others. For example, masturbators with sleeves that aren’t removable can be a pain to clean. Also, any male sex toy made with porous materials will be difficult to clean. The easiest toys to clean are those made from non-porous materials and that come with removable sleeves or parts.

    When it comes to actually cleaning the toys, here’s what you can do.


    Non-porous sex toys are among the easiest to clean. Most of the time, all you need is some warm water and mild soap. Then, simply clean off the entire surface of the toy after each use and you’ll be good to go. On another note, you can also boil some of these toys but only if they DON’T have any electrical components or motors inside.

    However, still make sure you read the box of the toy for proper cleaning instructions.


    As we mentioned, these materials will be much more difficult to thoroughly clean. Your porous sex toys will still look clean, but they won’t be fully sterilized and bacteria can still linger in the small pores on the surface.

    The first step to cleaning porous male sex toys is doing the same as with the non-porous ones. Take some warm water and mild soap and start cleaning its surface. However, that won’t be enough.

    Next, you will want to go deeper. You can do this in several different ways. The best way is to purchase an antibacterial spray to use on the toy after the previous step.

    Boiling them is another excellent option but only if the instructions allow it (usually it doesn’t).


    Buying your first male sex toy shouldn’t be a complicated process. Just ask yourself what you’re looking for, what you need, and how much you’re willing to spend. Then, read through this guide again and use this advice to make a better decision. That’s all it is!

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