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Homemade Anal Toys: Anal Dildos, Butt Plugs, Prostate Massagers and Anal Beads. Can You Make Them at Home?

Disclaimer: I strongly recommend that you never use homemade sex toys anally. Using homemade anal toys can be dangerous and you can end up in the hospital. My article is for informational purposes only. It is not a guide and should not be used as such.

Hello, my kinky friend. So, you’re into anal play but don’t want to spend a penny on an anal sex toy, so the question arises: Can you make a homemade anal sex toy? And the answer is – yes, sort of, but you shouldn’t.

You may already know that I’m not a big fan of homemade toys because they lack stimulation, durability, and safety. Plus, they’ll often cost you more than a beginner’s sex toy from the store. And with anal sex toys, you can multiply all the disadvantages of homemade toys by ten or even a hundred.

Putting household items in your anus is dangerous for a number of reasons, which we will discuss below. Personally, I am strongly against making homemade anal toys, be it an anal dildo, prostate massager, butt plug, or anal beads (especially anal beads).

But the internet is full of articles on this subject, and the advice I see there is simply dangerous. In this article, I will discuss the most common items people use for anal play.

Table of contents

    First, I want to talk about the safety rules you absolutely must follow if you decide to ignore my advice and still want to put a household item up your butt.

    Safety Rules for all Homemade Anal Toys

    Flared base

    First things first. It’s absolutely essential that your homemade anal toy has some sort of flared base that prevents you from inserting the entire thing into your butt.

    No sharp edges

    Don’t use anything with sharp edges that could cut your precious bum bum.

    Smooth surface

    Even if the item has no sharp edges, it may have a rough surface. In such a case, the experience will be far from pleasant.


    Don’t use anything that will break easily. The item you choose should be built like a tank.


    Always use a condom with homemade anal toys. Of course, you should also clean your items before inserting them, but using a condom is still mandatory. I also recommend securing the condom with some rubber bands if possible.

    The downside of using a condom is that it can get lost inside of you if you go overboard in the heat of the moment. But you should be able to push it out the next time you go to the bathroom.

    Tapered design

    While the tapered design doesn’t necessarily make the toy safe, it does make it much easier to insert.

    Items to Never Use as Homemade Anal Toys

    Before we get to the items you can use as anal toys, here is the list of items you should not use for anal play. I’m providing this list because I see these items in every single article about homemade anal toys, but these items are simply dangerous to put inside your butt.

    • Bananas, cucumbers, carrots, corncobs, etc.
    • Candles
    • Metal spoons and forks
    • Shampoo/Lotion bottles
    • Screwdrivers
    • Toothbrushes

    The above items are dangerous for one of the following reasons (or both):

    • they don’t have a flared base
    • they are not durable and can easily break.

    Always make sure that the item you choose for anal play meets ALL of the safety rules we discussed earlier.

    How to Make a Homemade Anal Dildo?

    Now on to the items that can THEORETICALLY be used as homemade anal dildos. The items below can have thousands of different designs, so even if it’s on the list, it still doesn’t mean that the item is safe for anal use. You still need to consider the safety criteria discussed before and just use common sense.

    • Hairbrush handle. Almost everyone has one. It’s flared (make sure it’s flared!) and usually quite durable.
    • Plunger. This option is interesting because some plungers stick really well to flat surfaces, so you can use them hands-free.
    • Ladle or large spoon handle. You probably have one at home that pours soup into a bowl. And if it’s durable enough, it can pour joy up your ass.
    • Umbrella handle (hook-type only). We’re talking only about umbrellas with handles that look like a hook because the hook shape acts as a flared base in this case.
    • Hammer handle. There are tons of different designs, but the hammer head for sure won’t let you fully insert the tool (I hope so. This is not a challenge!).
    • Lemon juicer handle. Not only can it juice a lemon, but it can as well juice your ass. Okay, I’m repeating myself with this joke. Note that we’re only talking about hand juicers, you know, the ones that look like a garlic press but for lemons. Speaking of garlic presses, depending on the design, they can also be used for anal play.
    • Saucepan handle. This one depends a lot on a saucepan design. Some have very smooth and rounded handles, while others have sharp edges that make them dangerous for anal play.
    • Baseball bat or Tennis racket handle. These options are very extreme and I don’t recommend them, but these items are usually durable and almost impossible to fully insert.
    • Flashlight (if it has a flared base). Again, a lot depends on the design of the flashlight. It should have a flared design and be smooth and well-built.

    The items above often have safety traits (depending on an individual design) that THEORETICALLY make them suitable for anal play.

    Also, if you want to make your anal dildo softer, you can wrap it in something like a paper towel or a washcloth, secure it with tape or rubber bands, put the condom on top and secure its base with tape or rubber bands as well. You can read more about this in my article on homemade dildos. Although this is a good life hack for normal homemade dildos, using it with anal homemade dildos is dangerous because if you don’t secure everything well, the wrapper and the condom can end up inside your butt.

    How to Make a Homemade Prostate Massager?

    You can’t make a homemade prostate massager. Thank you for your attention.

    The thing is, in order to stimulate a prostate, the toy must have a specific shape and/or be able to vibrate. In the case of household items, this is almost impossible to achieve.

    The best homemade prostate massager is your partner’s finger, or yours if you’re flexible enough.

    How to Make a Homemade Butt Plug?

    Guess what, you can’t make a homemade butt plug either.

    If you’ve ever seen a butt plug, you probably know how it works. It has a wide head, a narrow neck and a flared base. The narrow neck allows the toy to stay in without falling out.

    First, you need something shaped like a sand clock, but I don’t know of any household items that are shaped like that that you can put up your ass. There are spice bottles that are shaped like this, but they’re made of glass, so please, PLEASE don’t use them as butt plugs.

    Second, anal plugs need to be extremely durable to withstand the pressure during the extraction process. So even if you make your homemade butt plug in the right shape, the chances are that it will just break inside you.

    How to make Homemade Anal Beads?

    No surprises here, you can’t make homemade anal beads.

    Yes, I’ve seen some methods on the internet that involve threading a rope through some plastic balls. Aside from being a questionable construction in terms of durability, this is ABSOLUTELY ANTIHYGIENIC. The majority of anal toys are made of silicone (or ABS plastic, or steel) for a reason, and unless the toy is made of a non-porous material, you MUST use a condom with it. In the case of anal beads, the use of a condom is inconvenient.

    Clone-a-Willy as A Homemade Anal Toy

    I’ve already covered this method several times, so I’ll be quick. Clone-a-Willy is a molding kit that allows you to make a silicone copy of your or your partner’s penis. It also includes a bullet vibrator so you can actually make a vibrating dildo.

    The reason I mention this is because during the molding process, you can try to make a dildo with a flared base, and if you’re successful, it can be used for anal.

    This kit is expensive and the chances of making an anal-safe dildo with it are slim, so I don’t recommend trying. I’m providing this info for informational purposes only.

    Are Homemade Anal Toys Worth It?

    NO, NO, and NO. Homemade anal toys are absolutely not worth the risk.

    You can get a basic butt plug for about $10, anal beads also for about $10, a beginner’s anal dildo for about $15 and a beginner’s prostate massager for less than $20.

    In the case of homemade anal toys, I’m strongly against using them. If you can’t afford even a budget anal toy – use your finger. Seriously, your finger is the best and safest homemade anal toy.

    Affordable anal toys you might want to try:

    ABS Plastic
    Total length
    Tip Widt
    1″ and 3/4″
    Insertable length
    Insertable Length
    Insertable Length
    Insertable length
    Insertable length
    ABS Plastic
    Insertable length


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