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How to Choose a Anal Vibrator?

Pretty much any sex toy that has a tapered tip and a flared base to prevent the unwanted travel of the toy may be considered an anal-safe sex toy. Anal vibrators are among the most satisfying of this type of sex toy.

Although they can be intimidating for new users, you’ll be perfectly fine if you follow this guide. We’re going to discuss the nature of the anal vibrator and every important thing you need to know.

As a result, you’ll find out how to buy the best anal vibrator, how to take care of it, and how to enjoy it safely.

Table of contents

    What Is an Anal Vibrator?

    An anal vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that’s perfectly safe to use anally. There are countless types of vibrators on the market, but not all of them are safe for anal use. In fact, it can be pretty dangerous using a toy anally if it’s not designed for it.

    To summarize the most important characteristics of an anal vibrator, it should have:

    • a tapered tip
    • no rough or sharp edges
    • a flared base

    These are simple characteristics but are what make this type of toy safe. The vibrations are what make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

    Types of Anal Vibrators

    Anal vibrators will come in different shapes and sizes. In fact, there is a great variety of anal-safe sex toys. Manufacturers have found a way to put a vibrating motor inside most of them to make these toys more satisfying to use.

    As a result, different types of anal vibrators were born.

    Vibrating Anal Dildos

    Most anal vibrators fall under this category. You’ll find anal-safe, vibrating dildos of all shapes and sizes. They are perfectly safe to be used anally for both men and women.

    Depending on the size you get, they can be beginner-friendly as well as designed for more experienced users. Overall, a simple sex toy that offers a lot of pleasure.

    vibrating anal dildos

    Thrusting Anal Vibrators / Anal Thrusters

    It looks a lot like vibrating anal dildo but it doesn’t function in the same way. These anal vibrators thrust, instead of offering conventional vibrations.

    They move up and down to simulate the thrusting action of a penis during anal sex. A very satisfying experience but probably not ideal for complete beginners.

    thrusting anal vibrators

    Vibrating Butt Plugs

    Just like regular butt plugs but with a vibrating motor inside. This may be the perfect anal-safe sex toy a beginner can get. There are plenty of sizes to choose from. They have tapered tips and are very easy to remove.

    An anal plug vibrator will offer a lot of pleasure while removing a lot of the intimidation that comes with using different anal sex toys.

    vibrating butt plugs

    Vibrating Anal Beads

    Anal beads take anal pleasure to a whole other level. Add vibrations to this and you’re looking at a mesmerizing experience.

    This type of sex toy stimulates a lot of nerve endings. You can keep inserting and removing the beads for an even more satisfying effect. Some vibrating anal beads will let you control each individual bead’s vibrations separately.

    vibrating anal beads

    Double Penetration Vibrators

    You probably don’t need a lot of explaining for this one. Technically, double-penetration sex toys can be considered anal-safe sex toys. Those that vibrate can also be considered anal vibrators.

    If you’re already experienced with most anal vibrators we’ve mentioned here, this could be a satisfying level-up.

    double penetration vibrators

    NOTE: You may see that on MyIntimacy we consider rabbit vibrators safe for anal play. This is due to the nature of this type of vibrator, as the small arm prevents you from fully inserting the toy. At least that’s what we hope so. The abilities of the human body are fascinating, but hopefully not to such an extent.

    Also, we didn’t include prostate vibrators in this list, so if that’s what you’re here for, check the section of the website devoted to male sex toys.

    Everything You Need to Know About Anal Vibrators and SIZE

    Size is probably the most important feature to consider when buying an anal vibrator. Get the size wrong, and you can say goodbye to using your anal sex toy a second time.

    So, how do you get the size right? First of all, all anal vibrators will display the length and width of the device. Now, since you can’t measure these dimensions regarding your anus, you’re left with the following options.

    We can categorize anal sex vibrators into three groups based on their size. Beginner, experienced, and pro.

    Beginners: You must ensure the toy has a very tapered tip. The recommended circumference for this group is around 3 – 4 inches (up to 1.5 inches in width/diameter).

    Experienced: The tip doesn’t have to be extremely tapered, but it’s recommended. The recommended circumference is about 4 to 6 inches (up to 2 inches in width/diameter).

    Pro: Extremely advanced users can easily handle the least tapered tips. Plus, after so much practice and an increase in girth, you can attempt to fit a circumference of 6 inches and up (more than 2 inches in width/diameter).

    What about length? This feature is not as important. Most anal vibrators are designed to perfectly fit the space inside a person’s rectum.

    Are Anal Vibrators Loud?

    Anal vibrators are not much different in terms of noise compared to other vibrators. Plus, it depends on the device you’re considering itself.

    If it’s very powerful, it’s only natural that it would produce more noise. If it has a weaker motor, it won’t be as annoying. A great piece of advice is to ensure its noise levels are not above 50dB. You can usually see this on the product page or its package.

    If you buy a vibrator that produces over 50dB of noise, you and anyone else in the nearby rooms will probably get annoyed.

    lelo loki blue


    We already know that anal sex toys that vibrate are much more satisfying than non-vibrating ones. But, how do you know if you are getting the right one?

    Well, first of all, most of them vibrate similarly. Some have different vibrating patterns. This is a feature you have to try in order to see if you like it. But, going straight for conventional vibrations with no patterns is perfectly fine for beginners.

    The main difference is in the intensity levels. Not all anal-safe sex toys are equal in terms of intensity.

    A good idea is to purchase one that features multiple vibration intensity levels. In fact, the more the merrier. A great range is about 4 to 8 intensity levels.

    If you get a device with one or two settings, you will quickly get bored with it. It starts feeling generic and the same each and every time. But, one that goes extremely intense is fun. It takes a while to reach that level, making the progression the best part.

    Waterproof or Non-Waterproof

    These days, you’d have a hard time finding a modern and popular anal vibrator that’s not waterproof. Even if there were many of them, why would you want a non-waterproof vibrator?

    There are so many benefits to having a waterproof sex toy.

    For example, it is much easier to clean them when they are waterproof. Also, you can use them in the shower for a more private session. Without worrying about whether someone will hear you or not. Just turn on the shower and have fun.

    lovense hush 2 waterproof

    Remote Control

    Never think twice about getting a remote-controlled anal vibrator. Just get it. It makes it exceptionally easier to control the device.

    Some vibrators, like clitoral vibrators, aren’t as dependent on having a remote control to use them. But, anal vibrators without a remote are a pain to use. You have to bend backward just to increase or decrease the vibration intensity.

    Anal Vibrator Prices

    Price – probably the most important factor when buying… well, anything.

    How do you know what price is right for an anal vibrator? You usually won’t know until you buy it. However, there is an average estimate of price ranges that will help you know what category you’re digging in.

    Here’s how it looks:

    • $20 – $50: These are usually lower-quality vibrating dildos with buzzy motors. But, they still vibrate and can get the job done for most beginners.
    • $50 – $100: Much higher quality and lots of different shapes and sizes to choose from. Also, much better vibrations.
    • $100 – $220: High-end anal vibrators with extra features to make the experience easier, more enjoyable, and more satisfying.

    How Do I Know If a Sex Toy Is Anal Safe?

    You can refer back to the main characteristics of anal-safe sex toys we discussed above. But, to be safe, here’s how you can always know.

    First, if the toy doesn’t have a flared base, it’s not anal-safe. Without this feature, you run the risk of getting the toy stuck. Then, you’ll most likely have to go to the emergency room and suffer through quite an embarrassing experience.

    Second, the tapered tip. This feature won’t always look the same. Some anal-safe sex toys have more tapered tips than others. However, it’s a crucial feature that facilitates inserting and removing the toy.

    Third, a seamless design. A sex toy that has sharp ridges or big seams throughout the body is not anal-safe. It will most likely offer a painful and uncomfortable experience.

    How to Use Anal Vibrators? – 4 Tips That Will Make You a Pro

    Anal play is a sensitive subject for many users. But, it’s a satisfying experience to try. Regardless of your gender, you should give it a shot at least once to determine whether it’s for you or not. In order to enjoy it more and prevent injuries, here are four tips that you’ll be glad you read.

    1. First things first, LUBE

    Lubricant is especially important when it comes to anal vibrators. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its own natural lubricant. So, not using one will definitely be uncomfortable, even painful.

    Use a lot of it. And, use water-based lube as it’s the easiest to clean and works with most sex toys.

    2. Try to relax and take it slow

    I can’t stress enough how important this is. If you don’t relax, you won’t be able to feel the satisfying effects of an anal vibrator. Try to breathe, calm yourself down if you’re nervous, and start slow.

    Don’t insert the toy in one instant. Start massaging your anus, get the feel of the device, and slowly insert it. Trust me, don’t make this a stressful experience and you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

    3. Small is better, in the beginning

    If you’ve never used an anal-safe sex toy in your life, then forget “bigger is better” or that it’s more satisfying. This is not true right now. It might be the case later, when you have more experience. But for now, go smaller.

    It’s a hard fact that smaller anal vibrators are easier to insert, easier to remove, and aren’t as painful at the start. In fact, most beginners in anal play won’t even be able to fit bigger ones inside.

    At the end of the day, if you think you can easily fit a bigger one, feel free to do so. But, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out and you’re forced to get a smaller one for now.

    Also, remember that you can’t return any type of sex toy due to the product’s nature.

    4. Don’t even think about numbing cream

    There are products on the market that are supposed to numb your anus. Their purpose is to prevent you from feeling pain during anal play.

    However, this is not recommended. If you feel pain, the natural response is to stop. Don’t resort to numbing cream simply just to fit your anal sex toy inside. Sure, it’s normal for the first anal experiments to be uncomfortable, but it’s important to listen to your body and stop if you experience too much pain or unpleasant feelings. Later down the line, it gets better, easier, and more satisfying.

    Cleaning Anal Vibrators – Must-Read Guide

    Cleaning an anal vibrator is just as important as turning the device on during stimulation. It’s essential. If you don’t clean it after each use, expect some nasty smells from it and a quick decrease in its lifespan.

    This is how you properly clean an anal vibrator after each use. It’s just like cleaning any other vibrator. You just may have to do a bit more scrubbing.

    Here’s how it looks:

    • Rinse off the toy with lukewarm water
    • Take some mild soap or an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner
    • Scrub and cover its entire insertable surface with the soap thoroughly
    • Rinse once again with water
    • Let it dry fully or use a clean towel to make sure everything is cleaned off nicely.

    It’s as simple as that. Most people think they need some type of special elixir to clean their anal vibrator. The important thing is to always do it and make sure you do it thoroughly.

    Also, make sure you store it safely in its included storage bag after it has fully dried. If you don’t have a storage bag, buy one or find something similar lying around the house.

    Just remember, don’t pile up all your sex toys in a bunch when storing them. If they aren’t covered with their protective bags, they can sustain damage on their surface.


    Whatever you do, be aware of your experience level with anal-safe sex toys. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Just purchase the one that you think will feel most comfortable.

    The more experience you obtain, the more types of anal vibrators you can handle. Just take things slow and enjoy the process.

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