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How to Choose the Best Bullet Vibrator?

Table of contents

    What Is a Bullet Vibrator?

    Bullet vibrators are small but often intense vibrators used mostly for external clitoral stimulation. Yet, there’s nothing stopping you from using them for any other type of stimulation that you prefer.

    Both men and women can get excellent satisfaction from the right bullet vibe. Even though they are small devices, they are still powerful, offering very precise and targeted stimulation to whichever area of the body you decide to stimulate.

    The main and most notable characteristics of bullet vibrators are their small size and discreet appearance. It is exceptionally easy to travel with this type of vibrator, and even hide it in plain sight.

    They’re called bullet vibrators because, well… Many of them look like real semi-automatic rifle bullets and because of their extreme precision during stimulation.

    With all that said, we still need to find out how to choose the best bullet vibrator and what are the most important characteristics you need to be on the lookout for. So, let’s get into it.

    Are There Different Types of Bullet Vibrators?

    There are a few different types of the vibrator bullet. But you must know, they don’t differ so much in stimulation as they do in appearance and practicality. Still, you might get better satisfaction from one type of bullet compared to another. It’s all subjective and depends on your own needs and imagination.

    Regular Bullet

    These are the most casual in appearance but often the most effective in stimulation. The regular bullet vibrator usually has a few intensity settings and a symmetric shape that delivers pinpoint stimulation.

    Most of the time, this will be all you need to get the job done.

    bullet vibrators

    Lipstick Bullet Vibrator

    Lipstick bullets are just the same as regular ones with only one difference – they literally look like lipstick, with the cap and everything. So, this is perhaps the best way to always have a bullet vibrator with you but never give your secret away.

    lipstick bullet vibrators

    Rabbit Bullet Vibrator

    The rabbit bullet vibrator gets its name mostly because of its similar design to rabbit vibrators. However, they may look like rabbits but are nothing alike in terms of stimulation. The experience is much different.

    These vibrators aren’t as intense as a regular bullet. The intensity of the vibrations is dispersed throughout the two vibrating ears at the top. So, the only thing you’re left with from the bullet vibrator is the small and discreet appearance. But still, it’s a fun experience that you might adore highly.

    rabbit bullet vibrators

    Double Bullet Vibrator

    Make of this name what you will, but double bullet vibrators are simply regular bullets with two vibrating heads. As a result, you get double the action. There’s nothing more to these devices that’s worth saying. They just allow you to get that targeted stimulation on two spots at the same time. If you bought two bullet vibrators separately, you’d achieve the same thing.

    double bullet vibrator

    Bullet Egg Vibrator

    Bullet eggs are also known as wearable bullet vibrators. They don’t look like regular vibrators. Instead, they almost have an egg-like shape with a string attached to them to make removing the vibrator much easier.

    Some bullet eggs can offer satisfying anal stimulation as well. But keep in mind that this can be very dangerous, especially for inexperienced users. Due to their small size, these vibrators can get stuck and make it considerably difficult to remove them. When doing this, please proceed with caution.

    egg vibrators

    Some of these devices, such as the Svakom Ella, can be controlled via a smartphone app, making anal play hassle-free.

    How Strong Are Bullet Vibrators? (Vibrating Bullet Intensity)

    Bullet vibes are pretty intense when it comes to pinpoint and targeted stimulation. However, if you compare them to big and powerful wand massagers, they can’t even compare. This is why it’s important to know what type of stimulation you prefer. If you like targeted stimulation, bullet vibrators will almost always satisfy you.

    But still, when choosing a vibrating bullet, try to get one that features multiple intensity levels. This will ensure that there’s some diversity in your stimulation. It will also make sure that the vibrations aren’t too intense or too gentle. In fact, the more intensity settings, the more control you’ll have over the whole experience.

    Bullet Vibrator Materials

    The main materials used to make bullet vibrators these days are silicone, plastic, and metal. Fortunately, all of these materials are fairly easy to clean and won’t get ruined any time soon.

    You might ask, “why is the material of the bullet vibrator important (other than for cleaning process)?”

    Well, think of it like this. Softer materials like silicone help to ensure that the vibrations aren’t extremely targeted. This material is excellent for someone who doesn’t need the strongest bullet vibrator out there.

    On the other hand, harder materials like metal help deliver the vibrations with all of their intensity. This type of material is excellent for someone who is looking for the most intense experience they can find.

    Power Source and Batteries

    Almost 100% of the bullet vibrators you will find either use replaceable batteries or rechargeable ones. I seriously doubt that you will find chorded bullet vibrators these days. So, when choosing a bullet vibe, check to see if its batteries are replaceable or rechargeable. This will be mentioned on the toy’s product page or box.

    Then, choose based on what seems more convenient for you. If you don’t mind instantly replacing the batteries and being able to use the toy anytime you like, go for replaceable. If you don’t mind waiting from time to time to recharge it, go for a rechargeable.

    Keep in mind…

    Replaceable batteries will probably need to be replaced once every two or three uses.

    Rechargeable batteries usually take the same amount of time to recharge as the toy’s total run time on a single charge. If you can find a bullet vibrator that lasts longer on a single charge than it takes to fully charge, you should consider yourself lucky. However, they do exist and aren’t as rare as many people think.

    Best Brands That Make Bullet Vibrators

    Sex toys such as bullet vibrators can’t be refunded or returned. For this reason, it’s important to know where you’re buying your sex toy from. It’s also important that you choose a trusted brand that many users already like and support.

    For those reasons, your best option is to choose whichever brand you like best from this list:

    • We-Vibe
    • Svakom
    • Lovense
    • Lelo
    • Fun Factory
    • Satisfyer
    • Je Joue
    • Crave
    • OhMiBod
    • Hot Octopuss
    • Smile Makers
    • Dame
    • Unbound
    • Le Wand
    • Bellesa
    • Femme Funn
    • PlusOne
    • Vush
    • MysteryVibe
    • Iroha

    The Importance of a Bullet Vibrator’s Shape

    You may notice that some bullet vibrators look much different compared to regular ones. Much, much different.

    So, why is this?

    The main reason is for ergonomic purposes. Some bullets are designed to be more comfortable and easier to use. These types of bullets with special shapes have a benefit and a drawback.

    The benefit is that they are easier to use and much more satisfying when used for external clitoral stimulation.

    lovense ambi vibe

    The drawback is that they are rarely safe or comfortable for internal stimulation.

    The main point to remember here is that you should consider bullet vibrators with special shapes, such as the Lovense Ambi, if you want a more convenient experience and a unique vibe.

    Are Bullet Vibrators Anal Safe?

    Most bullet vibrators are not safe for anal use. There is a good chance of the toy getting stuck in your anus and even finding its way further inside.

    The only time it’s safe to use a bullet vibrator anally is if it comes with a tail to make removing it easy. But even then, there’s still a risk of the toy getting stuck. If anal stimulation is what you prefer, simply get a sex toy designed exclusively for that purpose, such as the b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite.

    Waterproof Bullet Vibrators

    Waterproof vibrators let you enjoy the highest level of privacy when using them. You simply hop in the shower, feel the warm water on your skin, and enjoy enhanced vibrations as the water lubricates your skin.

    Best of all, you don’t need to worry about anyone hearing you, because there’s no way a vibrator can make more noise than the running water itself. Even the most powerful bullet vibrator won’t cause any trouble in this area.

    How Much Noise Do Bullet Vibrators Make?

    Bullet vibrators aren’t very loud but they are buzzy. Most of them lack the ability to produce deep and rumbly vibrations. Mainly because of the tiny motors placed inside them. However, the buzzy vibrations may get annoying from time to time, but they are rarely loud enough to disturb anyone in the other rooms around you.

    Here’s a noise scale that you can use as a reference when buying a bullet:

    • Anything around 50dB is acceptable
    • Higher than 50dB will be a lot of noise to get annoyed or disturb others
    • Below 45dB is rare but possible. Some toys even claim to produce no more than 40db.

    Not all brands state the noise level but those that do usually mention it on the product page itself or on the device’s box.

    Bullet Vibrator Price Range

    Bullet vibrators are actually among the most affordable types of vibrators. They can cost as little as just $10, and as high as maybe $120. This is usually the price range you will find the majority of bullet vibes. There might be some more expensive exceptions but you won’t really get anything more special from them.

    Our advice is to always go for the cheaper ones if you’ve never tried one. It’s an affordable way to test how they feel.

    woman holding bullet egg

    How to Use a Bullet Vibrator?

    Bullet vibrators aren’t the most complicated sex toys to use. Even without a lot of practice, you should get used to it pretty quickly. But still, there are a few very effective ways to get the most out of your bullet vibe.

    Take Advantage of the Small Tip

    The reason bullet vibes provide such targeted and intense stimulation is because of their tip. They stimulate a small surface area, focusing all of the vibration intensity on a single spot.

    So, if you’re into targeted stimulation and you have one spot that does the job for you every time, take advantage of that small tip.

    You Can Use It Horizontally

    With some bullet vibrators, the vibrations can be felt throughout the toy’s entire surface. If you feel that this is the case, you can use your bullet vibe horizontally to stimulate a wider surface area.

    Now, this won’t be as effective as using something like a Doxy Original Wand, but it offers a totally unique experience that is at least worth a try.

    Use Lube

    Just because bullet vibrators are small it doesn’t mean they don’t require lubricant. So, this one is pretty straightforward. Apply lubricant with all types of vibrators you use. Most of the time, water-based lube will work perfectly with any type of bullet vibrator.

    Use Third-Party Attachments

    Bullet vibrators are some of the best sex toys to use different types of attachments with. For example, there are many attachments that can transform your bullet into a vibrating dildo. Just search for bullet vibrator attachments and you’ll find plenty of new and unique ways to satisfy yourself.

    Don’t Start On the Highest Vibration Intensity

    This should be a no-brainer. Some bullets are pretty intense. But even if they aren’t, starting on the lowest intensity has more than one benefit.

    For starters, you prevent hurting yourself or experiencing pain. The body usually isn’t ready for very intense vibrations hitting it instantly. And let’s not even talk about highly sensitive areas such as the clitoris. It can handle it, but you need to warm up and work your way slowly to that point.

    Starting on the lower intensity levels will also allow you to appreciate the intense vibrations more when you get to them.

    How to Clean and Store Your Bullet Vibrators?

    Most bullet vibrators are small, smooth, and feature a simple design. Because of this, you should have an effortless time cleaning them. Usually, all you need is some mild soap or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Add some warm water to the mix and you’re good to go. Clean off its entire surface and leave it to fully dry,

    Once you’ve done all that, you need to safely store your bullet vibrator until the next use. But, only do this once it is 100% dried off.

    To store your bullet vibe, make sure to always use the included sex toy pouch or box. If there isn’t one, find another case to cover it with. This is important because we don’t want our sex toys touching each other when stored. This can ruin their surfaces and potentially prevent them from working any longer.

    So How to Choose the Right Bullet Vibrator?

    The best answer to this question is to quickly consider your requirements, and your budget, and test. It’s fortunate that bullet vibrators aren’t the most expensive type of sex toy. As a result, start with the most casual and affordable ones to see if you will enjoy this type of sex toy in the first place.

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