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How to Choose a Clitoral Vibrator?

Table of contents

    What Is a Clitoral Vibrator?

    Clitoral vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris. They are devices that offer only external stimulation and can do wonders for this very sensitive area near the vagina.

    As with most sex toys, clitoral vibrators come in various shapes and sizes. Although they all have the same function, the experience, and the pleasure are not the same with each one. For example, some are more powerful, some differ in size, and others have weird but effective shapes. You’ll get to know all the different types of clitoral vibrators down below.

    Lastly, a clitoral vibrator is not an insertable sex toy. It cannot offer G-spot stimulation or anal stimulation on its own. There are some that combine these types of stimulation, but this then becomes a whole new type of sex toy.

    Why You Need a Clitoral Vibrator

    According to a study, a much larger percentage of women preferred clitoral stimulation for a satisfying orgasm compared to penetration. In fact, some of them said that penetration wasn’t even necessary to reach orgasm.

    With this in mind, hopefully, you’ll understand how satisfying and worthwhile clitoral stimulation can be. And, as a result, this is also why every woman should have the best clitoral vibrator at her disposal.

    So, let’s dive deeper into understanding everything about these very satisfying devices and how to choose the best one for yourself.

    What Type of Clitoral Vibrator Do You Need?

    There isn’t just one generic version of the clit vibrator. Even though they all do the same thing, they still differ in some ways. Let’s explore.

    Standard Clitoral Vibrator

    A standard vibrator for the clitoris is what you’ll see the most as a beginner. These vibrators have no special features. A great example of a standard clitoral vibrator is the Dame Pom. You simply hold the device up against your clitoris and enjoy the vibrations.

    standard clitoral vibrators

    Wand Vibrators

    A wand vibrator is perhaps the most powerful type of clitoral vibrator you’ll find. This device also features a wide surface area and is excellent for those of you who enjoy broad surface stimulation. Some of these things are so powerful that you can even use them as back massagers. With that said, maybe try not to choose the most powerful ones like the Doxy Original Wand for your first try.

    wand vibrators

    Bullet Vibrators

    These clitoral vibrators are the opposite of wand vibrators. They are tiny and they offer extremely focused vibrations. It’s an excellent choice for someone who prefers precision stimulation instead of broad and surface-leveled vibes. Additionally, bullet vibrators are very discreet and easy to travel with.

    bullet vibrators

    Combo Vibrators / Rabbit Vibrators

    These types of vibrators stimulate the clitoris and the G spot at the same time. You may know them by the name “Rabbit Vibrators”. A perfect example of this type of vibrator is Lovense Nora. It’s an app-controlled vibrator that works twice as hard to help you reach that toe-curling orgasm.

    rabbit vibrators

    Finger Vibrators

    Think of these vibrators as putting your finger on steroids. Their design is quite unique, allowing you to wear the tiny vibrator on your finger and enjoy extremely targeted stimulation. This form of stimulation might not be as powerful as what the bullet vibrators can provide, but it’s definitely satisfying, to say the least.

    finger vibrators

    Panty Vibrators

    If you’re looking for discreet clitoral vibrators, panty vibrators are the best at this. They are also perfect for public play. Here’s how they work.

    Panty vibrators usually come with a tiny magnetic clip. You stick the vibrator inside your panties and clamp it with the magnetic clip from the outside of the panties. It stays put nicely, it barely makes any noise, and the rest is all up to you to find out.

    panty vibrators

    Tongue Vibrators

    Tongue vibrators are different compared to your conventional clitoral vibrator. They don’t vibrate at such high speeds. Instead, their motors operate at a much lower frequency to simulate oral stimulation on the clitoris. Some of them will also come with a rotating motor to make the entire experience even more unique and satisfying.

    tongue vibrators

    Suction Clitoral Vibrators

    If you want to enjoy a unique experience and one that conventional clitoral vibrators can’t offer, you can consider suction vibrators. The main benefits of this type of vibrator are the unique sensation, deeper non-surface-level vibes, and a lower chance of experiencing desensitization.

    If you’ve never tried a clit sucking vibrator, the best brand to start with is Womanizer. A great example is Womanizer Liberty.

    sucking vibrators

    How to Use a Clitoral Vibrator

    The first step toward using a clitoral vibrator safely and effectively is to know exactly where your clitoris is. If you don’t know, don’t worry. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just go on Google and search for “clit diagram”. This will show you everything you need to know, including which points to stimulate for maximum satisfaction.

    Next up, take your clitoral vibrator and gently position it on the clitoris.

    Tip: Never start with the maximum intensity setting on your vibrator when using any sex toy. Start with the lowest, see how it feels, and work your way up slowly from there.

    If the lowest intensity is still too much for you, another great tip is to place the working vibrator on the clitoris for a few seconds, and then pull it back. Then, you can repeat this until you get used to it.

    Using a clitoral vibrator isn’t difficult. You just need to practice these tips until you feel comfortable. It won’t take long until you’re a pro at it and you find yourself wanting more.

    Where Do I Get a Good Clitoral Vibrator?

    Now that you’re ready to buy your vibrator, you need to be careful about where you buy it. There are plenty of cheap knock-offs out there. With this in mind, read the following pieces of advice carefully.

    The BEST place to purchase your vibrator is directly from well-known and trusted brands. This can be both online and in retail stores near you. If you’re buying it online, make sure you’re on the correct website.

    This is a list of some highly-recommended sex toy brands you can always trust:

    • Womanizer
    • Lelo
    • We-Vibe
    • Lovense
    • Lora DiCarlo
    • Je Joue
    • Le Wand
    • Dame
    • Crave
    • Satisfyer
    • Iroha
    • Doxy
    • Fun Factory
    • Hot Octopuss
    • Bellesa
    • OhMiBod
    • Vush
    • SmileMakers
    • FemmeFunn
    • MysteryVibe
    • Magic Wand

    Are All Clitoral Vibrators Safe to Use?

    Most modern clitoral vibrators are perfectly safe to use on a daily basis. However, you must consider whether the one you’re buying is body-safe. This means whether or not it’s made from materials that aren’t harmful to your body.

    Usually, the best body-safe materials for a clitoral vibrator are medical-grade silicone and 100% hard plastic. You generally want to avoid materials that have phthalates in them. You can find out whether they have this or not on the toy’s package.

    In any case, most clitoral vibrators are made from silicone. The majority of these are perfectly safe and harmless to use whenever you want. Just make sure you clean them properly.

    Tip: If you feel uncomfortable using a clit vibrator on its own, you can always put a condom over it and still enjoy its vibes.

    Cleaning Your Clitoral Vibrator

    Speaking of proper cleaning etiquette, the type of material your vibrator is made of can significantly impact this process. The main factor you should consider here is whether the vibrator is made from porous or non-porous sex toy materials.

    In terms of cleaning your sex toy, non-porous is good, and porous is bad.

    Think of it like this. Non-porous materials are smooth and very easy to clean. They don’t stick to debris. Porous ones, on the other hand, have tiny little pores inside them that are perfect homes for bacteria, excess debris, and other gunk you don’t want anywhere close to your clitoris.

    With all of this in mind, buy non-porous sex toys if you want to avoid the stress of intense and frequent cleaning. These toys can be easily cleaned with just some warm water and mild soap. Whereas porous ones require a lot more effort, which still won’t fully clean them most of the time.

    Can I Use a Clitoral Vibrator With My Partner?

    Yes, some clitoral vibrators are designed for couples. They can make intercourse more enjoyable for both partners, as some of these vibrators have the ability to stimulate both of you at the same time.

    Depending on the type of clit vibe you buy, you can either use it to enhance foreplay or to finish up. You may also use these vibrators to help speed things up in bed if you’re someone who is less sensitive and takes longer to achieve an orgasm.

    How Much Does a Clitoral Vibrator Cost?

    Most clit vibrators you will find cost between $20 and $300. However, just because a vibrator is more expensive, it doesn’t mean it provides more satisfying stimulation.

    They are usually more expensive because they have a longer lifespan, longer battery life, a wider intensity range, and extra features that are just great to have.

    Still, if you’re having trouble choosing, you can use the following tips as guidelines.

    • $20 – $80: Stick to this range if you’ve never tried or bought a clitoral vibrator before. This is great for testing and finding out what you like without spending too much money if it doesn’t work out.
    • $80 – $150: This price range has some wonderful options that are perfect for intermediate users. They offer a little something extra, they are higher quality, and still not extremely expensive.
    • $150+: If you have a big budget, you can go all out and purchase more expensive vibrators with tons of unique features, more intensity levels, and luxurious designs.

    Do You Need Waterproof Clitoral Vibrators?

    You will often find clitoral vibrators that are completely waterproof. This means you can enjoy more relaxing stimulation under the shower or even in the bath. But, do you really need this feature? It depends.

    Obviously, it would be nice to have it even if you didn’t plan on taking full advantage of it. However, it adds to the toy’s price. If you’re having trouble deciding, here’s another way to look at the waterproof features of sex toys.

    In addition to protecting the toy from water damage, it also makes it more discreet. For example, you can easily use the toy under the shower, in private, where no one can bother you. This is perfect if you live in a crowded house or with roommates.

    waterproof clitoral vibrator

    The waterproof feature is extremely useful when it comes to clit vibes because clit vibrators are very well suited for bath or shower play. Besides, waterproof clit vibes are easier to clean.

    IMPORTANT: Some vibrators are only splashproof. This means that you shouldn’t submerge these devices underwater. You can only wash them and maybe even use them under the shower. Some are neither waterproof nor splashproof, so make sure you check this before purchasing.

    Travel-Friendly Vibrators and Travel Lock Features

    This is something you might want to consider before you decide to take a long trip somewhere and realize that your vibrator makes too much noise or can’t even fit in your bag. If that’s a possibility, then you might want to purchase a travel-friendly vibrator with a travel lock.

    Travel-friendly vibrators are small, compact, and usually cordless. They also tend to make significantly less noise than some big and powerful wand vibrators, for example.

    As for the travel lock feature, this is simply a button that prevents you or anyone else from accidentally turning the toy on.

    How Often Can I Use It? – Vibrator Battery Life

    The next thing that comes to mind is a vibrator’s battery life. This is very important if you want to avoid charging the toy more than you’re using it.

    A good charge-to-use time ratio is 1:1. Which means that for every hour of charging, you get one hour of playtime. You will find that this is what the most popular clitoral vibrators offer.

    However, there are some marbles out there that go beyond. They will offer two, three, or even four hours of playtime on a one-hour charge. It is rare but still very possible.

    Just remember to never settle for less playtime and more charge time. It’s not worth it and you will end up having to charge your device constantly. Sometimes, even halfway during your stimulation session.

    Is Size Important With Clitoral Vibrators?

    Size may be the only thing that you don’t need to worry about with clitoral vibrators. Unlike insertable sex toys where size plays a crucial role, clit vibrators offer external stimulation and don’t really depend on size to do a good job.

    When it comes to size, you should only consider it for travel and sex toy storage purposes. However, most of these vibrators are fairly small and discreet.

    Are They Noisy?

    There are two different types of noise vibrators like these can produce – annoying buzzy vibrations and rumbly vibrations. As for how loud it gets, it really depends on how powerful the motor inside the vibrator is.

    What most people go for is the deep and rumbly sound. It’s less annoying and has shown to provide a better sensation. However, some devices such as bullet vibrators can’t really produce these types of vibrations considering their tiny, but fairly intense, vibrating motors.

    Do Clitoral Vibrators Need Lubricant?

    Yes, you should use lube with external stimulation sex toys such as clitoral vibrators. This is not something that’s only needed for insertable sex toys. In fact, a little lube will go a long way in terms of satisfaction and ease of use. Just remember to check the toy’s instructions regarding what type of lube it is compatible with. All vibrators work great with water-based lubricant.

    Properly Storing Your Clit Vibrator

    Most sex toys are not just something you can throw in the drawer until the next time you use it. When learning how to store sex toys, you need to keep the following tips in mind:

    • If it comes with a storage bag, always put your vibrator inside it.
    • Restrain from storing sex toys next to each other in a box or drawer without storage bags. Not only is it bad in terms of hygiene, but this can also ruin the toys’ surface and shorten their lifespan.
    • ALWAYS clean your vibrators before putting them away.
    • Make sure they’re completely dry before storing them as well.

    MYTHS About Clitoral Vibrators

    There are several myths going around about many different types of vibrators out there. Things like, “vibrators will make sex boring if you use them too much”. This is simply not correct. If anything, they can make intercourse with your partner much, much more exciting and enjoyable.

    So, let’s explore some of the most common myths that you don’t need to worry about:

    • Vibrators can desensitize your clitoris: Vibrators can’t really impact you negatively long-term. You can get slightly overstimulated if you go too hard during a single session, however, everything should get back to normal once you rest up a bit.
    • Vibrators can ruin sex for you: As we mentioned, if anything, vibrators make sex better. Many women prefer a blended orgasm. If nothing else, a vibrator can keep you satisfied until you find a suitable partner.
    • Vibrators replace partners: This is simply not true. A vibrator can never provide the warmth, comfort, and personal connection that your partner can. And, we all know sex is much better with all of these things.


    Don’t stress or rush the process of buying your first clitoral vibrator. Go for the cheaper options in the beginning and choose based on what you believe will suit you best. You can even test more than one model if you have the budget. Once you find something that suits you, you can move on to more expensive models that offer better features, are more comfortable, and last much longer.

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