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How to Choose the Best G-spot Vibrator?

Table of contents

    What Is a G-spot Vibrator?

    G-spot vibrators are sex toys designed to stimulate the G-spot, obviously. They are insertable sex toys with a vibrating shaft and a handle to hold the toy during use. Some of them can also be used hands-free for a more straightforward experience.

    If you aren’t familiar with the G-spot, it’s an area inside the vagina. When stimulated with something like a vibrator or a penis, it offers an intensely satisfying feeling.

    Every important question or topic about the G-spot and G-spot vibrators will be addressed below. You’re advised to read the full guide if this is your first time thinking about purchasing your own G-spot vibrator.

    kiiroo pearl2 on bed

    Are G-spot Vibrators Safe?

    Yes, G-spot vibrators are designed in a way that prevents them from getting stuck inside the vagina. All modern G-spot vibrators today are also very comfortable to use and have come a long way to prevent causing pain or discomfort during use.

    Anyone from beginner sex toy users to experts can freely satisfy their sexual needs with a G-spot vibrator. However, it’s important to remember that some of these vibrators simply aren’t designed for complete beginners. We will go over this, but in a nutshell – bigger, more girthy G-spot vibrators are not ideal for beginner users.

    Why Do I Need a G-spot Vibrator?

    A lot of women are familiar only with clitoral stimulation and clit orgasms. Users rarely find and stimulate the G-spot without the proper sex toy. Most times intercourse with a partner isn’t enough for this type of stimulation.

    That’s where G-spot vibrators step in. You can use a G-spot vibrator to discover your G-spot and learn more about your body. Plus, you get to experience orgasms that you’ve never achieved on your own or with your partner.

    Are G-spot Vibrators Anal Safe

    It depends on the vibrator itself. But yes, many G-spot vibrators are anal-safe and won’t cause any problems in terms of pain or discomfort.

    When it comes to anal-safe sex toys, it’s important to learn whether the one you’re considering supports such use. Some toys can cause pain during insertion. As long as the vibrator you’re considering has some sort of a tapered tip and a flared base or long handle, you should be fine. How much girth you can handle, on the other hand, is completely up to you.

    Different Types of G-spot Vibrators

    If you don’t know a lot about G-spot vibrators, it’s important to spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the different types that exist. This will remove a lot of the confusion and help you decide on your choice much more easily.

    Standard G-spot Vibrator

    The standard G-spot vibe is what most beginner users should go for. This is the simplest option, featuring a shaft and a small handle to hold the device. Nothing special, nothing confusing to it at all.

    They usually have a few vibration intensity levels to switch between. Cleaning is also easy because there aren’t any tiny seams or holes that will annoy you.

    g spot vibrators

    Wearable G-spot Vibrator

    A wearable G-spot vibrator is a vibrator that you insert inside and let it handle everything by itself. You can just sit back and enjoy the show. And, don’t worry, these vibrators can’t get stuck inside. In the majority of cases, these are Egg Vibrators and they feature a so-called tail that you can use to easily remove the device.

    They may not look like it, but these vibrators are also excellent for couples’ play to offer more satisfaction for both partners.

    egg vibrators

    G-spot Rabbit Vibrator

    A G-spot rabbit vibrator stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. It offers simultaneous internal and external stimulation. These are some of the most powerful and diverse types of vibrators out there.

    They may be a bit more difficult to use but it’s not rocket science. Getting used to how this vibrator operates gets much easier over time.

    rabbit vibrators

    Come-Hither G-spot Massager

    Come-hither G-spot massagers stimulate the G-spot with something more than conventional vibrations. Still, they are technically vibrators. The way they work is, you insert the toy just like a regular vibrator, adjust it if needed, and it starts slowly massaging the G-spot with soft and gentle movements.

    There are different types of these toys as well. Some feature a small nub that moves around while others will move the entire shaft back and forth to stimulate a wider area inside.

    lovense flexer g spot vibrator

    Thrusting G-spot Vibes

    These toys are very unique and able to thrust themselves back and. They are designed in a way that more easily hits the G-spot once you insert it inside without having to move the toy around yourself. You can look at the Fun Factory Stronic G as a great example.

    thrusting vibrators

    Air Pulsating G-spot Vibes

    Lastly, the air pulsating G-spot vibrators utilize the same technology used in clitoral suction toys. The only difference is that they have longer handles and intended curves to easily locate and stimulate the G-spot with air pulses.

    This type of G-spot sex toy is not as common as all the others above. However, they are becoming more and more popular as brands like Womanizer are releasing more of them.

    womanizer og g spot vibrator

    Important Features

    When you’re buying a G-spot vibrator, you must get familiar with how these devices work. You also need to be aware of their most important features and characteristics. This will help you make a better choice and avoid buying something that you won’t be satisfied with.


    The most important thing is the toy’s size and girth. On some vibrators’ product pages, you will find something called “insertable length”. This will tell you how much of the toy is actually insertable. However, it doesn’t need to be extremely long as the G-spot is located about 2-3 inches inside from the vaginal opening.

    After that, you can look at its girth dimensions and decide for yourself whether you believe that’s something you can currently handle. You can look at the average penis dimensions worldwide to get an idea of what would feel comfortable at the moment.

    we vibe rave on table

    Tip: If you’re a beginner, go for the smaller options and work your way up from there as you gain more experience.

    Vibration Intensity

    Every vibrator is different in terms of vibrations. Some are more intense, some buzzier, and others are deeper and rumblier. The sad part here is that you can never know how it vibrates until you finally try it for yourself. However, you can solve this by reading the toy’s reviews. Most people who leave reviews are honest and will tell you how it feels.

    The second thing to look for in this category is how many vibration intensity settings the vibrator has. The best piece of advice here is – the more, the better.

    The worst thing you can get is a vibrator with two settings that goes instantly from casual vibrations to feeling like you have a jackhammer inserted in your vagina.

    Noise Levels

    If you’re worried about being discreet, you might want to check how loud the vibrator you want will get. Once again, the best way to do this is to read the reviews. Another way is to check if the brand has displayed this on its packaging.

    If you see anything higher than 50 dB then the toy won’t be as quiet as most of us would prefer. If it’s 50 dB or under, then it shouldn’t be a problem for most users.


    G-spot vibrators can also be very flexible. Contrary to popular belief, they are not all stiff shafts that you can only insert and hold in one position. Because all bodies are different, good G-spot vibrators offer at least some degree of flexibility.


    Most vibrators today are fully waterproof. This handy feature allows you to use your vibrator in the shower or in the bath without a worry in the world. It is also extremely helpful when it comes to cleaning your vibrator. You can scrub and rinse with as much water as you’d like without damaging the toy.

    Best Brands to Buy a G-spot Vibrator From

    Based on decades of experience and tons of research, here is a list of brands that you’ll never regret buying a G-spot vibrator from.

    • Lovense
    • Lelo
    • We-Vibe
    • Fun-Factory
    • Womanizer
    • Satisfyer
    • Je Joue
    • Dame
    • Svakom

    How Much Does a G-spot Vibrator Cost?

    The price of a G-spot vibrator depends on several factors: brand, quality of the toy and features. If you’re buying a high-end vibrator from a luxurious brand, expect to pay a higher price, and rightfully so. If you want a remote-control feature, prepare to pay extra as well.

    But, to give you some type of context, here is a scale based on which you can plan your budget.

    • $40 – $90: Perfect G-spot vibrators for beginners. A great way to test the waters without spending too much money.
    • $90 – $150: More advanced options with plenty of exciting features to make the experience more fun.
    • $150 – $250: High-end devices that take the G-spot stimulation experience to a whole other level. Worth the money if you’re very experienced and know exactly what you’re looking for.

    If you have a much bigger budget, then by all means, go for the more expensive options. They are more expensive for a reason. But, if your budget is tight, buy a cheaper vibrator to see if you like the feeling.

    How to Use a G-spot Vibrator?

    If you’ve never used a G-spot vibrator before, here are some tips that will make your first experience easier, better, and more comfortable.

    1. Turn the toy on before you actually insert it
    2. Set it to the lowest possible vibration intensity before inserting it
    3. Always remember to apply a generous amount of lube to the toy. Use water-based lube.
    4. Upon insertion, if it feels too intense, gently remove it and insert it back again. Do this enough times until you’re able to insert the toy even deeper
    5. When it finally feels comfortable, insert the device up to where it feels comfortable and let it do its thing. You can adjust its position if you feel it’s necessary.
    6. Finally, when you’re comfortable enough, start increasing the vibration intensity. This is where the real fun begins

    Learn More: How to use a vibrator for the first time

    How to Take Care of Your New G-spot Vibrator?

    If you’ve finally bought your very first G-spot vibrator, you should learn some proper ways of taking care of it and maintaining its quality for longer.

    Here are a few tips you should try to stick to for as long as possible.

    • Always clean your G-spot vibrator after using it. Use warm water and antibacterial soap for the best results
    • Let it dry completely before storing it
    • When you store your vibrator, make sure it’s placed inside its storage bag
    • Never pile up all your vibrators in a drawer next to each other


    There is no “best” G-spot vibrator that’s a perfect fit for all. What feels like the best for you can feel like the worst for someone else. It all depends on what you want. Do you want really intense vibrations? Do you want a flexible shaft that feels nice and smooth? Do you want a wearable vibrator that you can use hands-free? 

    Try to answer as many questions about your wants and needs regarding this topic. When you do this, you will know exactly what to buy. Then, simply refer back to this guide and you’ll have everything you need to make the right choice. This guide is all about showing you how to choose and use some of the best G-spot vibrators on the market. This is a delicate subject for many people, especially those who’ve never used sex toys before. Read through it carefully and hopefully, you will find the information you were looking for.

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