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How to Choose a Rabbit Vibrator?

Table of contents

    What Is a Rabbit Vibrator?

    A rabbit vibrator is a type of sex toy that is able to offer external clitoral and internal G spot stimulation at the same time. These sex toys may appear intimidating, but they are actually simple to use.

    A typical rabbit vibrator has two vibrating arms, offering stimulation to the clitoris and the G spot simultaneously. When trying to choose a rabbit vibrator, it’s important to know how these sex toys work. There are actually plenty of important differences between them.

    You’re about to learn all you need to know about rabbit vibrators. How they work, their main characteristics, how to use a rabbit vibrator, and lots more.

    Types of Rabbit Vibrators

    The key characteristic describing rabbit vibrators is that they offer dual stimulation and a unique experience. However, even these toys differ among themselves in some ways. Here are the main ones.

    The Regular Vibrating Rabbit

    This is the rabbit vibrator we all know and love. Two arms, one insertable, one for external stimulation, either both vibrating or just one of them. That’s basically it. You can control how intense the vibrations get. Some of them even let you control the vibration in both arms independently.

    we vibe nova 2 rabbit vibrator

    Thrusting Rabbit

    The exterior design of this type of rabbit vibrator is the same as the regular one. However, the main difference is that its insertable arm doesn’t vibrate. Instead, it thrusts up and down, simulating penetration.

    femmefunn essenza thrusting rabbit vibrator

    Suction Rabbit Vibrator

    Suction rabbits use a unique type of technology to provide even deeper and more soothing stimulation. They incorporate suction, also known as pressure waves, to stimulate the clitoris. Usually, one of their arms uses suction technology while the other sticks to conventional vibrations.

    womanizer duo rabbit

    Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

    As the name suggests, this type of rabbit vibrator has an insertable shaft that rotates instead of vibrating. Sometimes, it will even vibrate and rotate at the same time. These vibrators can either be a huge win or a total miss. It depends on whether you like the unique feeling it can provide.

    lovense nora rotating rabbit vibrator

    Triple Rabbit

    If you thought two heads were better than one, wait until you try three of them at the same time. Triple rabbits have three shafts – one for internal G spot, one for external clitoral, and one for anal stimulation. There’s nothing much to say about these except “get ready for some intense stimulation”.

    tripple rabbit vibrator

    Pearl Rabbit Vibrator

    This type of vibrator looks like a regular one on the outside, but it offers something totally different on the inside. The interior of its insertable shaft is loaded with moving pearls. When you turn it on, it offers much deeper and rumblier vibrations, providing a more fulfilling stimulation for some.

    pearl rabbit vibrator

    What Are Rabbit Vibrators Made Of?

    The vast majority of sex toys such as vibrators are made from silicone. However, there are a whole lot of different sex toy materials that are still used to make both great and slightly worse sex toys.

    We can divide the types of sex toy materials into two categories – safe and not-so-safe.

    Safe sex toy materials are ones that are non-porous. These materials have shiny and smooth surfaces that don’t stick to bacteria or tiny pieces of debris. Almost all rabbit vibrators that are safe, are made of silicone.

    Non-safe sex toy materials are also known as porous ones. They have tiny pores on their surfaces that make the toys extremely difficult to clean. The most common examples of such materials used in rabbit vibrators are rubber and jelly.

    Rabbit Vibrator Intensity, Speed, and Power Levels

    Other essential factors that play a huge role in whether you choose the right rabbit vibe or not are the toy’s speed, intensity, and power levels. This basically determines how powerful the vibrations can get. But also important is how gentle they can get. For many users, having gentle vibrations over extremely powerful ones is a massive requirement.

    With that said, make sure you purchase a vibrator that has more than just two or three intensity levels. You don’t want to go from low to high intensity in an instant. This is a process that should be taken slowly.

    So, the more intensity levels present, the better the transition and the more satisfying the experience.


    Just as important as vibration intensity are the vibrator’s dimensions. You don’t want to get something way too big for you, but you also don’t need to settle for the smallest ones. The best thing to do here is to reflect on your past experiences with sex partners. Try to remember what size worked best for you if you’ve had multiple partners.

    If not, look at the toy’s dimensions online and try to imagine if its length and girth are something you’d be comfortable with. Most of the rabbit vibrators you find from the brands we listed above should fit anyone nicely. However, it never hurts to double-check its width and insertable length before buying.

    rabbit vibrators dimensions


    Another important factor you must never overlook when it comes to rabbit vibrators is the shaft’s flexibility. In order to feel comfortable during stimulation, the rabbit needs to be flexible and not extremely stiff. This way, all parts are stimulated while also having room for you to move around and switch positions comfortably.

    Now, it’s impossible to tell how flexible it is when buying it online, however, you can always read the reviews. Scan through them to find anyone talking about this feature. Then, you will at least have an idea of how flexible the toy is.

    Noise Levels

    Considering many rabbit vibes have two vibrating motors inside, some of them can get a bit noisy. As a result, this can also be something worth looking into before you purchase one.

    So, a good noise level coming from a rabbit vibrator would be something that’s at 50dB or less. For reference, a normal indoor conversation is usually about 60dB. Anything lower than this shouldn’t sound annoying or disturb you. The lower the noise, the more discreet your pleasure will be.

    And, don’t worry, this is shown on the device’s package and online for anyone to see before purchase.

    Rabbit Vibrators Battery Life

    A common question that pops up whenever we talk about vibrators is “How long will my vibrator run on a single charge?”. Well, the answer is different in many cases. However, there is a certain criterion that you should try to stick to.

    For example, a 1:1 charge-to-use time ratio is perfectly acceptable for rabbit vibrators. What does this mean? It means that you should be able to use your rabbit for the same amount of time that it takes to fully charge it. So, if it takes 2 hours to fully charge it, you should get 2 hours of playtime with it on a single charge.

    Obviously, sometimes this border won’t be as strict. But still, try to stick as close to it as possible. It’s definitely not worth using a rabbit vibrator only for 30 minutes if it takes 6 hours to charge it.

    Are Rabbit Vibrators Anal Safe?

    Yes, the majority of rabbit vibrators are safe to use for anal stimulation. However, you should be aware that you should only insert the insertable shaft of the device. Not the other arm as well. Definitely not both arms at the same time.

    Additionally, you should be aware of your experience with anal stimulation and whether or not you believe the width of your particular rabbit vibe will be sufficient for anal play. If it’s not extremely wide then you’re good to have a try.

    Just remember to take it slow and use a lot of lube.

    Where to Buy One? – World’s Best Rabbit Vibrator Brands

    When you’re finally ready to buy a rabbit vibrator, it’s crucial to know where you’re buying it from. It may sound surprising, but there are plenty of cheap knockoffs and scams online that are easy to fall for.

    With this in mind, it’s always best to buy rabbit vibrators directly from the official websites of reputable brands such as:

    • Womanizer
    • Lelo
    • Lovense
    • We-Vibe
    • Fun Factory
    • Satisfyer
    • Je Joue
    • Bellesa
    • Femme Funn
    • OhMiBod
    • Svakom

    How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator?

    Rabbits offer one of the most effective and satisfying ways for a woman to reach orgasm. Most rabbit vibrators follow the same concept. One arm goes inside the vagina, while the other arm stimulates the clitoris externally.

    Here are a few very helpful tips that will make using a rabbit vibrator for the first time much easier, safer, and definitely more satisfying.

    how to use rabbit vibrators

    1. NEVER Start With the Highest Intensity

    This is a mistake so many first-time users make. You might think you can take the maximum vibration speed without warming up, but you will quickly realize that not only is this not comfortable, it can also be dangerous.

    So, the first tip says, always start with the lowest intensity level possible when using your rabbit vibrator. This doesn’t just go for rabbits, it’s a tip you should practice with all of the other different types of vibrators.

    And, it’s not something only beginners should practice. It goes for users of all experience levels. This way, you can really appreciate the maximum intensity when you get to it.

    2. Be Generous With Your Lube

    Rabbit vibrators are pretty dependent on lube. A lot of it, for that matter. Especially when it comes to a large rabbit vibrator. With this in mind, you will want to apply water-based lubricant on both shafts. It doesn’t matter which one is insertable and which one isn’t. Apply lube on both shafts of the vibrator.

    Out of all the different types of vibrators, rabbits probably need the most of it. Some of them have weird shafts that aren’t as straightforward to get used to. However, lube makes this job a lot simpler and easier.

    3. Have Your Partner Help

    Because of their unusual shape, rabbit vibrators tend to come off as intimidating for first-timers. Well, even though it’s not that difficult getting used to them, you should still take it slow. A wonderful option to easily connect with your vibrator is to ask your partner for help.

    This way, you can figure it out together. Best of all, you won’t be forced to ask questions like, “am I doing this right?”.

    How to Clean a Rabbit Vibrator

    There are several useful tips that you will benefit highly from when it comes to cleaning your rabbit vibrator:

    1. Determine Whether It’s Waterproof or Not

    The first step is simple. Just read the toy’s box and its instructions and ensure it’s waterproof. If it is, then you’re free to drown it in water as you move on to the next step and start cleaning it.

    If it’s not waterproof, then you need to be careful with how much water you use upon cleaning.

    2. Use Warm Water and Mild Soap (and antibacterial sex toy cleaner)

    Step two is actually cleaning the toy. So, take some warm water and mild soap, and cover its surface with it. Once you’ve thoroughly worked the soap, take a damp cloth and make sure you get all of its surface.

    3. Let it dry fully

    The final step is very important. If you don’t let your sex toy dry completely, chances are very high of ruining it. It can also start to smell and significantly shorten its lifespan. So, dry it fully before you store it away.

    How to Safely Store My Rabbit Vibrators?

    Remember this line: Learning how to store your sex toys properly is CRUCIAL.


    For several reasons, actually. The most important one is maintaining a body-safe sex toy that won’t pose any risks to your health. The second most important reason is to ensure a longer lifespan for your vibrator.

    So, how do you store them properly? Well, first of all, remember the tip from before: Always dry your rabbit vibrator fully before storing it.

    rabbit vibrator on bed

    After this, you want to make sure you always place it in the sex toy bag that comes with the toy. If a bag isn’t included, you can find a replacement bag that fits the toy. This can sometimes even be a clean sock.

    Next, never store your rabbit vibrator next to other sex toys without its protective bag. When some sex toy materials are stored in contact with each other for longer periods of time, something known as a chemical breakdown can occur. The effects from this can include melted sex toy surface, nasty odors being released, and similar.

    Tip: You can find affordable sex toy cases online that are perfectly designed to discreetly store them and keep them safe.

    Other Useful Features

    Many rabbit vibrators and other sex toys come with their own unique features that can spice things up even further in the bedroom. Here are some examples of a few very useful features that you and your partner will definitely enjoy.


    Waterproof vibrators can come in really handy if you like doing it in the shower. Not only that, they can make sure your alone time is more discreet because no one should bother to disturb you while in the shower.

    In addition, waterproof rabbit vibrators will be significantly easier to clean.

    Remote Control

    You can control some rabbit vibrators by using an included remote control device or even your smartphone. Even more amazing is the fact that some of these smartphone apps work globally. So, you can give access to your partner if you’re in a long-distance relationship and have them take over. It’s surprising how much more enjoyable stimulation you can get like this.

    Travel Lock

    This very handy feature prevents your rabbit vibrator from turning on by accident. It’s extremely useful in public scenarios and a must-have for someone who travels a lot and doesn’t leave their sex toys behind.

    Rabbit Vibrator Pricing

    The average price range for rabbit vibrators is from $40 to $250. Obviously, the lower the price tag, the lower the quality of the vibrator will be. But, that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and blindly purchase the most expensive one.

    Ideally, you will want to test. If it’s your absolute first time, go for something cheaper. Even if you don’t really like it. It will give you enough insight to know what you like and what you don’t like about rabbit vibrators.


    It’s all about research. First of all, look at your budget and determine what you’re comfortable spending on a new rabbit vibrator. Then, consider all of the factors we’ve covered in this guide. Determine what is a deal-breaker, what is a must-have, and pile all of that together. Then, find the vibrator that meets the majority or all of your requirements.

    It’s as easy as that.

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