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How to Choose a Wand Vibrator?

Table of contents

    What Is a Wand Vibrator?

    Wand vibrators sacrifice discretion and compactness for power. You’ll rarely find any types of vibrators that are more powerful than the wand vibrators. With their strong vibrations and wide surface area, wand vibrators are quite effective in delivering powerful orgasms.

    This type of vibrator stimulates the clitoris externally. It cannot be used for internal stimulation of any sort. You’re much better off using it as a back massager than an internal G spot vibrator.

    Lastly, a powerful toy such as the wand massager is not discreet. They are often loud and difficult to take anywhere with you. With its large dimensions, you’re better off keeping it at home and using it when you’re alone.

    But, there’s a lot more to learn about the wand vibrator. Luckily, this is where all will be made clear.

    Types of Wand Vibrators

    Be it good or bad, there aren’t many different types of wand vibrators. The only difference between most of them you’ll find is their power source, controls, and stimulating head. They also may differ in size. Other than that, all of them are pretty much the same.

    The only type of stimulation wand massagers offer is vibrations. All of them are fairly big. They rarely come with remote control features. And, every wand vibrator has a massive handle that does make using the toy fairly easier.

    lovense domi

    Vibration Strength – What to Know

    Vibration strength is extremely important. This goes for any type of vibrator, not just wands. Obviously, a powerful wand vibrator will be more expensive. However, it will also be more fun to use.

    The main question here is should you get an extremely powerful wand or a small wand vibrator if you’re a beginner?

    The best option is to get a stronger one. Why? Because both the weak and powerful vibrators have low-intensity vibrations. What the weaker one doesn’t have are extremely intense vibrations.

    So, if you’re a beginner, just stick to the lower settings in the beginning. Then, you have the option to turn up the intensity when you’re ready, instead of buying a new, more powerful one.

    On the other hand, if you just want to try out and see how wand vibrators feel, then you should buy a smaller and weaker one as a test. This is the best way not to waste your money if you don’t like the experience.

    Corded or Cordless Wand Massager?

    Cordless vibrators are always much easier to use. But, as with anything in life, there are always pros and cons.

    Let’s look at the main advantages and disadvantages of both corded and cordless wand vibrators.



    • Much more powerful
    • Never runs out of juice
    • You can always use it without having to recharge


    • Not very portable
    • Can get annoying to use
    • It is never waterproof



    • Super portable
    • Easier to use in different positions
    • Usually waterproof
    • They’re often less noisy as well


    • Limited use-time on a single charge
    • Usually less powerful but still more than enough


    Most wand massagers are made from silicone. This refers to the vibrating head that actually comes into contact with your skin. The rest of the toy’s surface is usually plastic. Silicone is one of the sex toy materials that are most common. It’s safe, non-porous, and very easy to clean.

    However, some wand vibrators are made from TPR. This is a porous material and you should try to avoid it if possible. Its quality and hygiene can still be maintained not nearly as easily as with silicone.

    Bottom line: stick to silicone and always check what material the vibrating head of a wand massager is made of.

    wand vibrator head

    Best Wand Vibrator Brands to Buy From

    Wand vibrators are common these days. It’s easy to buy a bad one or even a cheap knockoff of the real deal. As a result, you should only stick to a few trusted and high-quality brands for now. At least while you’re still a beginner and you’re trying things out.

    So, some of the brands you can always turn to are:

    • Doxy
    • Magic Wand
    • Lovense
    • Lelo
    • We-Vibe
    • LeWand
    • Satisfyer
    • Femme Funn
    • Vush

    Waterproof Capabilities

    Should a vibrator wand be waterproof or not? This mainly depends on whether you want to use it in the shower or not. In addition, it also helps with the cleaning process. A waterproof vibrator is usually easier to clean since you don’t have to be careful of damaging it.

    However, you should know that corded wand vibrators are never waterproof. Even the cordless ones are not all waterproof. There are some, but not all. For example, the Vush Majesty 2 is waterproof. But, this also means that you can’t remove or replace the stimulating head at the top.

    Before you decide to use your personal massager wand in the shower, ensure it is water resistant first. If it’s corded, don’t even bother getting it anywhere near water.

    Intensity Levels

    Most vibrators on the market feature different vibration intensity levels. With wand massagers, this feature is especially important. Constantly using one vibration intensity is sure to get boring and unsatisfying quickly. So, the more intensity levels it has the more satisfying your experience can be.

    Ideally, you should look for a wand vibrator with more than three settings. This ensures that it doesn’t quickly jump from low-intensity vibrations to mind-blowing powerful ones.

    For example, the LeWand Rechargeable is a great choice. It has a wide array of vibration intensities and patterns that are more than enough to prevent boredom anytime soon.

    Vibration Patterns

    Some wand vibrators also feature vibrating patterns. This adds variety and uniqueness to your experience. For example, conventional vibrations vibrate on a fixed frequency. With patterns, you can adjust it to pulsate, give off short bursts of vibration, and similar.

    Some of them even allow you to create your own custom vibrating patterns. This is where you can make the entire experience extremely personal and unique.


    The most common controls that a wand massager has includes a “+” button, a “-” button, and a “power on/off” button. However, that’s not the case with all of them. Some have dials that you can scroll. Others have a set of fixed numbers each designated to one intensity level.

    At the end of the day, they all get the job done. The only thing you should consider is what seems like the easiest to deal with. Generally, the “plus” and “minus” combo works best. It’s easy and fast. Although, the dial is a good rival but tends to break more easily.

    Discretion and Design

    As we mentioned, there isn’t much discretion when it comes to wand massagers. Even the best wand massager on the market won’t help you here. So, what can you do?

    Well, the only option is to find one that looks like a common back massager. For example, the Doxy Original Wand. It’s elegant and simple. It also doesn’t have any features that resemble a sex toy whatsoever. To people who are unfamiliar with wand vibrators, it won’t be as easy to detect what it is.

    You can also opt for the Le Wand Petite. It has a fairly discreet appearance. It’s one of the most popular sex toys out there as well. So, chances are higher that most people will be able to tell what it is.

    Noise Levels

    Wand vibrators can be noisy. In fact, the more powerful it is the more noise it will create. There’s no hack or quick fix to this. You just have to accept it and move on.

    Think of it like this. The noise is the price you have to pay for those toe-curling orgasms that a wand vibrator can help you achieve.

    Tip: This is where investing a bit more in cordless wands is worth it. They can be significantly less noisy compared to corded ones.

    Accessories and Attachments

    The best wand vibrator should be compatible with at least a few attachments. If you don’t know what these are, they help offer a different feeling. The attachment usually connects to the vibrating head of the wand and has a different texture or shape. It will offer a different sensation.

    Some attachments completely transform the wand massager into a whole other sex toy. As an example, some attachments help focus the vibrations into a more narrow point, converting the feel from broad surface stimulation to more intense and targeted vibrations.

    The point here is that these attachments make wand vibrators much more versatile. If you get bored with your standard wand, all it takes is getting a few attachments and you basically get a different sex toy for a fraction of the price.

    A Good Price for Wand Vibrators

    A good price range for nice-quality wand vibrators is between $50 and $250. Usually, cheaper ones are either knockoffs or not that good, to begin with. Obviously, the more expensive it is, the more features it will offer and the higher quality it will be. However, you don’t always have to get the most expensive one.

    Try to find a good balance. Make sure it includes at least 3 vibration intensities. Also try to get one with a silicone head, not TPR. Lastly, you’re much better off getting a rechargeable one than a corded wand vibrator.

    pink wand vibrator

    How to Use a Wand Vibrator?

    Wands may be powerful, but they are still simple to use. The most important thing to remember is, never start with the highest intensity setting.

    In any case, it’s pretty easy to figure it out by yourself. But, to make things easier on you, here are a few pieces of advice that should help.

    Step1: Test the Waters

    Massage your back. If it’s your first time using any kind of wand vibrator, give yourself a nice back or shoulder massage with it. As you do this, start increasing the intensity levels one by one. It will give you a general feel of how strong your wand vibrator actually is. Now, imagine how much of this you can handle on the clitoris.

    Step 2: Through the Panties

    Next, you can try taking things downstairs. But, if you’re still too intimidated, use it through your panties. This should muffle some of the vibrations and not come off too strong. It shouldn’t feel intense at all through the panties if it’s on the lowest intensity level. This is true regardless of which wand you’ve bought.

    Step 3: Just Do It!

    Listen to Nike’s slogan. Just do it! At the end of the day, it’s not going to kill you, so just place your wand vibrator on your clitoris and gently apply pressure. If it’s too much, remove the device and apply it back again. Do this until it gets a bit more comfortable.

    Wand Vibrators — Cleaning and Storage

    The most important part to clean on a wand vibrator is its head. Some of them feature removable heads. Those will be easier to clean.

    To clean the head, you can use mild soap and lukewarm water. An even better option is to use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner instead of mild soap. But, both will get the job done.

    Scrub the surface of the head and let it dry completely before placing it on the toy and storing it.

    Speaking of storage, avoid piling up all your sex toys in a bunch. Place each one in its protective bag and try to store them separately if you can.

    Learn more: How to store your sex toys properly

    Should You Use Lube With Wand Massagers?

    Yes! You should lube with just about any type of vibrator. Even though wand massagers touch the surface of the clitoris only, lube will make things a lot smoother, less painful, and even more satisfying. So, use lube and relax.


    The tips and advice you see here are more than enough to help you with your decision. Now, you should be able to make a more educated purchase. Wand vibrators may be intimidating because of all that power, but they are also some of the most satisfying sex toys you can ever use.

    Still, whichever one you end up buying, always make sure to check its instructions just to be safe.

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