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How to Choose the Best Vibrator for Your Needs?

Life would suck without vibrators. There’s something about a vibrator that simply makes us all smile. It could be the vast amount of satisfaction they provide. It could also be the fact that it’s the easiest way to get sexually satisfied without lifting no more than a few fingers.

Whatever the case is, there are a few things you must know about vibrators before you use them. The more you know about them, the better your experience will be. This goes for everything vibrator-related. You need to know about all the different types of vibrators, the buying process, how to use them, how to clean vibrators, and more.

Fortunately for you, this is where you can learn everything. Think of this as the ultimate knowledge center and resource directory for vibrators.

Table of contents

    Main Criteria of the Best Vibrator

    Choosing the best vibrator, be it for men or women, comes down to several important criteria:

    • The materials that it’s made from
    • The type of stimulation it provides
    • Which gender it’s designed for
    • Whether it’s easy to clean and store
    • Corded or cordless
    • Size
    • Noise levels
    • How much it costs
    • Waterproof or not
    • Intensity levels
    • And more

    Having said all this, let’s find out what you need to look out for if you don’t want to choose the wrong vibrator. This comprehensive guide will cover everything. In the end, you’ll know exactly what you want and need.

    Pick the Perfect Vibrator Material for You

    First of all, vibrators are made from different types of sex toy materials. The most important thing you need to know right now is about porous and non-porous materials. Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you that non-porous materials are always better for this sort of thing.


    Because they are safer, easier to clean, and last way longer than porous materials. Here are a few examples of some popular non-porous sex toy materials:

    • Silicone
    • Glass
    • Stainless steel
    • Hard Plastic
    • Pyrex
    • Aluminum

    A few popular examples of toxic and porous sex toy materials:

    • Rubber
    • Jelly
    • Latex
    • PVC

    If you’re curious and want to learn how to choose your first vibrator, just try to stick to non-porous materials for starters.

    What Area Do You Want to Stimulate?

    The first thing you have to ask yourself when buying a vibrator is what area on your body do you want to stimulate? What gets you the highest level of satisfaction?

    This question usually has one or two of five answers, including:

    • Internal (G Spot)
    • External (Clitoris, Nipples, other erogenous zones)
    • Anal
    • Penis
    • Combination

    There is a unique vibrator out there for all of these areas of stimulation. That’s why it’s important to answer this question. By doing so, you will know what type of vibrator you want, which is the next topic of discussion.

    Which Type of Vibrator Should You Get?

    Did you know that there are dozens of totally different types of vibrators out there? Most of them have major differences. Some are more powerful, some easier to use, others provide different types of sensations, some stimulate different parts of your body, and so on.

    So, what type do you think you need?

    Well, let’s briefly explore the most popular types so that you know what you’re getting.

    Wand Vibrators

    A Wand Vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris externally. These are some of the best vibrators for women ever created. They are extremely powerful, stimulate a wide surface area, and come both rechargeable and with cords.

    wand vibrators

    Bullet Vibrators

    The Bullet Vibrator is small, extremely precise, and can always hit the perfect spot. This too is mostly an external clitoral stimulator. Their best traits are the extreme discretion, travel-friendliness, and low noise levels.

    bullet vibrators

    G-Spot Vibrators

    This type of vibrator will be perfect for you if you prefer internal vaginal stimulation over anything else. They are great at locating and stimulating the G spot.

    g spot vibrators

    Rabbit Vibrators

    A Rabbit Vibrator offers the best of both worlds when it comes to internal G spot stimulation and external clitoral stimulation. They stimulate these two areas at the same time, using two individual vibrating arms.

    rabbit vibrators

    Finger Vibrators

    A Finger Vibrator offers convenience, ease of use, portability, and uniqueness to your stimulation experience. You simply snap it on your finger and gain a lot more control over where the vibrations hit.

    finger vibrators

    Clitoral Suction Vibrators

    This type of vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris but with something other than conventional vibrations. It uses air suction technology to offer more fulfilling and unique stimulation.

    sucking vibrators

    Love Eggs

    This is a completely unique insertable vibrator that’s actually perfect for beginners. It comes with a type of string that lets you easily remove the toy when you’re done. You can also use it for external clitoral stimulation.

    egg vibrators

    Panty Vibrators

    A Panty Vibrator is discreet, silent, usually remote-controlled, and ideal for public play. You simply stick it inside your panties and let it do its magic.

    panty vibrators

    Tongue Vibrators

    As the name suggests, this vibrator is designed to mimic oral stimulation. To be more precise, it’s designed to simulate some tongue action. It’s perfect for external clitoral stimulation and foreplay.

    tongue vibrators

    Anal Vibrators and Butt Plugs

    An anal vibrator, also obvious by its name, offers anal stimulation. Its design prevents the toy to be fully inserted. Don’t attempt anal stimulation with a vibrator that is not designed for this purpose.

    anal vibrators

    Thrusting Vibrators

    Thrusting vibrators are the most unique of the bunch. They don’t actually vibrate. Instead, this is a dildo-like sex toy that has a motor inside, pushing it forth and back to simulate thrusting action.

    thrusting vibrators

    Gender-Specific Vibrators

    Vibrators are usually not gender-specific. Most of them are gender-neutral sex toys that anyone can use. However, some vibrators simply perform better on one gender, and worse on the other.

    For example, external clitoral vibrators are excellent examples of some of the best female vibrators out there. This type of vibrator probably won’t do any good to anyone without a clitoris.

    What’s the point of this? It’s to let you know that you should do your research on the vibrator you’re getting. Most important, just try to find out what part of the body it’s designed to stimulate. After knowing this, you’ll make a much more educated purchase.

    Which Vibrators Are Easier to Clean?

    When buying a vibrator, it’s smart to go for the ones that are easier to clean. That’s just common sense.

    So, the easiest vibrators to clean are the non-porous ones. All non-porous vibrators have a smooth surface. This means that most of them are remarkably easy to clean. Once again, a few great examples are silicone, stainless steel, and hard plastic vibrators.

    Vibrators made from porous materials will be ridiculously difficult to clean. Materials such as rubber and jelly vibrators will make the cleaning experience a painful one.

    Corded or Rechargeable

    There are two types of vibrators you will come across when it comes to power types. Corded and rechargeable vibrators. There are also ones with replaceable batteries but they are less common and less popular.

    Corded Vibrators

    Corded vibrators are better if you want to take your time during stimulation. They don’t need to be recharged and you can basically use them whenever you feel like it. Corded vibrators also tend to be more powerful most of the time.

    On the other hand, corded vibrators are not waterproof. They also offer less freedom during the use because of the cord length. Some have longer cords while others have very short ones.

    magic wand original corded

    Rechargeable Vibrators

    Rechargeable vibrators are usually waterproof. You can easily travel with most of these vibrators and use them wherever and however you want without worrying about a tangled cord. Additionally, rechargeable vibrators are much easier to use during couples’ play.

    However, you always need to keep in mind to charge them. It’s very frustrating to find out that your vibrator is out of juice just when you need it.

    womanizer duo rechargeable

    What About Vibrator Size?

    Yes, vibrators also come in different shapes and sizes. This is a very important characteristic to keep in mind if you want both comfort and enjoyable stimulation. So, what size vibrator do you need to get?

    A general rule of thumb is to get a smaller vibrator if you’re a beginner. This is especially important when it comes to insertable vibrators such as G spot and anal vibrators.

    Then, as you get more comfortable and gain more experience using a vibrator, you can try bigger ones. They can feel much better and provide more power if you feel like the smaller ones aren’t doing the job anymore.

    Do All Vibrators Make the Same Noise?

    No, some vibrators are extremely silent while others can easily be heard through the walls in the room next to yours.

    So, how do you know which vibrators are silent and which ones to stay away from, especially if you don’t live by yourself?

    When you look at a vibrator online or in a store, you need to look for the noise levels they produce. This is written in decibels (dB). If the vibrator produces anything higher than 60dB in noise, you need to stay away from it. In fact, the optimal range is anything lower than 50dB. This is more silent than a normal conversation between two people and shouldn’t cause any problems.

    If you need a few examples of loud vibrators, usually Wand Vibrators are the ones that produce the most noise. This is because they are among the most powerful vibrators.

    Usually, the more powerful the vibrator is, the more noise it will produce.

    Vibrator Prices

    If you’ve never bought a vibrator before, your best option is to get something under $100. You can also have a decent vibrator for less than $50 as well.

    Obviously, some vibrators also cost over $200-300. However, when testing to see what works for the first time, it’s not worth spending that much money.

    Contrary to popular belief, even some of the best women’s vibrators and even vibrators for men can cost you around $50 to $100 max. They don’t have to be extremely expensive to be good. Most of the time, this is a luxury you don’t always need.

    Think of it like this:

    • Beginner: If you’ve never used a vibrator before, not even once, try to get something that doesn’t cost more than $30. This gives you enough room to test what feels good without wasting money.
    • Mid-Range: These types of vibrators cost between $30 and $80. They are great for someone looking to try out different things and expand their horizon.
    • High-end: $100 to $300 vibrators are usually packed with more features, and more expensive materials, and can usually do things that cheaper vibrators can’t, like instantly turning off when it’s not touching your skin.
    • Luxurious: Luxury vibrators usually cost way too much money. At the end of the day, they’re still vibrators. The only difference is the expensive materials they’re made of and the popular brand name backing it all up but you probably don’t need a gold-plated vibrator or a butt plug with a real diamond.

    Where Should I Buy My Vibrator From?

    When buying a vibrator for the first time, it’s important not to get scammed into buying a cheap replica. Believe it or not, this exists both online and in offline retail stores. So, what do you do?

    The best place to buy a vibrator is from its official brand website. For example, if you’re buying a Lelo vibrator, you should buy it from the official Lelo website.

    Amazon is another good place to buy a vibrator from. It’s affordable and trusted enough, and you get secure and fast delivery. However, even when you’re buying from Amazon, you should double-check the seller. If they are trusted and have amazing reviews, go for it! Be careful, as there are cheap replicas on Amazon too. In fact, it’s more common than you think.

    If you’re buying from other online stores, always look at the reviews. And not only the reviews on their website. Go to Google and search the store’s name. Check what people are saying about them in online communities on Reddit and similar platforms. If you see a green light, then go ahead and make your purchase.

    Best Vibrator Brands

    Throughout the years, some sex toy brands have made a great name by selling high-quality, extremely safe, and quite affordable vibrators. Here’s a list of some of these brands that you cannot go wrong with:

    • Lelo
    • Fleshlight
    • We-Vibe
    • Fun Factory
    • Womanizer
    • Dame
    • Iroha
    • Le Wand
    • Lovense
    • Je-Joue
    • Lora DiCarlo
    • Satisfyer

    • Crave
    • OhMiBod
    • Svakom
    • Je Joue
    • Smile Makers
    • b-Vibe
    • Crave
    • Doxy
    • Vibease
    • Bellesa
    • Femme Funn
    • Hot Octopuss

    Do I Need a Remote-Controlled Vibrator?

    It depends. Although, it’s a great feature that definitely won’t hurt. It may be responsible for a slightly higher price tag but it’s usually worth it. Especially when it comes to couples play or if you want to cut your work in half.

    A few types of vibrators that are perfect with remote controllers are anal vibrators and panty vibrators. Just think about it. You certainly don’t want to reach inside your panties just to change the vibration settings. It’s too much work, it’s annoying, and it’s definitely not something anyone wants to do in public. As a result, a remote controller or a phone app saves you from all that trouble.

    Waterproof vs Non-Waterproof Vibrators

    Do you actually need a waterproof vibrator? The waterproof feature not only makes the cleaning process easier but also makes your vibrator more discreet. How?

    Well, if you don’t live alone, you could easily take your vibrator to the bathroom and use it under the shower. This makes it much more discreet and prevents anyone from hearing you, even if it’s not a silent vibrator.

    However, if you live alone, don’t mind the noise and don’t plan to use the vibrator in the shower or bathtub, you can certainly go ahead and buy a non-waterproof vibrator. They are just as effective and can even be more powerful and provide much more intense vibrations.

    waterproof vibrators in bathtub

    Vibrator Intensity

    You might prefer extremely intense stimulation to achieve orgasm or you might ask for gentle vibrations for a better experience. For this reason, vibrators nowadays come with adjustable intensity levels. Most of them do, at least. But still, not all of them are the same.

    For example, some vibrators go instantly from the lowest vibration intensity to the highest. This is usually far from comfortable and is in no way enjoyable.

    Ideally, a great vibrator offers enough intensity levels that you can set it to extremely low intensity, medium, higher, and extreme intensity. The more levels, the better and more personalized your experience can be.

    The bottom line, look for a vibrator that offers more than just three intensity levels.

    Long-Distance Relationship Vibrators

    The best vibrator is one that feels comfortable and can always satisfy your needs. However, what if it could make a long-distance relationship extremely fun? There are vibrators designed specifically for long-distance relationship couples.

    These vibrators come with smartphone apps that let you and your partner connect at the same time. Then, both of you can control the vibrator’s settings from anywhere in the world. These apps also usually allow you to chat or talk to each other.

    Some of them even come with highly advanced features that seem like they’re from the future. These are usually more expensive but worth a try.


    The vibrator that you choose to buy should be your decision alone. Or, if you plan to use it with your partner, you can decide together. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t listen to what others are saying. You can hear them out, and listen to their advice, but decide solely on your needs and preferences.

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